Tips for Design and How to Submit

SKETCH NOTE is made from leather which matures just as its owner does. Choose from 5 types of color combinations, and submit to us a design which uses those colors and the tone of leather to create something which you would want to carry with you!

Tips for Design

Point 1. It is small enough to carry in your hand.

oubo-1One of the unique points of SkETCH NOTE is precisely its size. It should be about the size of a postcard, so 1/4th of an A4 sheet of paper. That way it could be easily taken out even during a meeting, to write down any sudden ideas. So when thinking about your design, keep in mind that it should be carried in one hand and fit inside a pocket.



Point 2. Choose from 5 types of color combinations

oubo-2-1You can choose from a selection of 5 color combinations for the leather.

Brown and Brown/ Pink and Turquoise/ Gray and Yellow / Ivory and Ivory/ Black and Silver /

The UV printer ink is semi-transparent so the leather color will be slightly visible through the printed color.
If you choose to print it in white (by using white ink as your primary printing choice), sometimes the leather color becomes obscured.

* If you plan on using color on the entire design or adding a photograph, we recommend using white ink on the whole leather.



Point 3. Play with inks

oubo-3-2As stated in Point 2, the ink of a UV printer is semi-transparent. So each layer of ink is like thin layer of film. Also, it doesn’t just use CMYK but also prints white ink.


Point 4. Imagine a scene to sketch

oubo4-2The back cover (which holds the paper) is hidden from side by the pages while they are in use.
When you’re turning the paper, you can also enjoy designing while thinking about what designs might be there.


How to Submit

1.Creating the data

Download the templates from below, and create the image data.
Brown and Brown 
Pink and Turquoise 
Gray and Yellow
Ivory and Ivory 
Black and Silver

Save it as a JPEG or a PNG / 72dpi / Color / no bigger than 7MB.
Please keep the above restrictions in mind when creating your design.


1. Open the entry form

After logging into your account, click on the “enter” button below and post your design and idea.



2. Upload your design data


You can drop your file into the image area below, or click your mouse to select the image file you designed.


When the uploading is complete, click “Done”.


3. Entering text information and settings

Please enter the following required information in the form.

1. Title
Please insert a title for the submitted work.

2. Description
Write down concept of your work.

3. Download
Select Allow download

4. Category
Select Category

5. Tag
No need to make changes here.(“sketchnote-01” should be already inserted)

6. Setup for Creative Commons
Set “CC-BY-NA”.

7. Setup publishing level:
Select Publish.

Upload your file after confirming every field on the form and settings.

Thanks, that’s all!

Your work will appear entry list after one night.



For questions and concerns, please submit your inquiries using the designated form.





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