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We’re looking for leather notebook designs which convey and visualize the idea of carrying them with you every day, of growing together with it.

Even if smartphones and tablets become more and more user-friendly, there is nothing quite like sketching something down by hand on a piece of paper. Sketching is a tool for visualizing your own ideas, and sometimes this method allows for a more free communication between people than words do. We think that when you come up with an idea, when you create a work of art, or when you want to design a plan, many creators prefer physically jotting down their ideas with a pen on paper.

The digital creative cafe “FabCafe” has collaborated with the miscellaneous apparel brand “abrAsus” to create “SKETCH NOTE by abrAsus×FabCafe (from now on referred to as SKETCH NOTE)”. The outer covers of this notebook are made of leather, and designed with original illustrations, texts and photographs. We have created a notebook which is unique in the world. are looking for new original notebook cover designs to commemorate its release.

SKETCH NOTE is made from leather which matures just as its owner does. Choose from 5 types of color combinations, and submit to us a design which uses those colors and the tone of leather to create something which you would want to carry with you.




TOPページ_03SKETCH NOTE PROJECTis a project which aims to visualize new ideas about drawing and writing.You can write down a complex plan on many pages, or also just sketch an original idea in one page.
Image plans, rough drafts, illustrations, organized diagrams…you can give it many names, but in the end these are visualized ideas, and any idea can be expressed with you’re able to sketch it out.

SketchNote_logoSKETCH NOTE is a tool to visualize your idea
We want to repopularize the method of sketching as a way of expressing your own ideas by hand, SKETCH NOTE is our first product which help people put those ideas down easily. We are jointly releasing SKETCH NOTE with Value Innovation Ltd., who have produced such items as thin wallets and protective memo diaries. We have made it as simple as possible, while still retaining its uniqueness and usefulness, always aiming for a notebook which can be carried around while you walk.

Product description and ordering methods are here.


SketchNote45/22 Sketch and drawing event “PauseDraw × SKETCH NOTE”
We hold a sketch event with PauseDraw on May 22nd. Find more detailed information here.


Project Overview

Project Name

Design Your SKETCH NOTE Vol.1

Submitted work

“SKETCH NOTE” cover design idea (For more details, check How to Submit)
Save it as a JPEG or a PNG / 72dpi / Color / no bigger than 7MB

* The winner will need to submit their digital data in order to make a UV print for the notebook design.

Examples of digital data to be submitted:
-In the case of photographs and similar:jpeg data (up to 300dpi)
-In the case of illustrations:ai data (in the case of a white background, also the pass data sections)
* This is needed for technical reasons, and sometimes the finished product can’t be displayed as it is.


Time period for submissions

From the 22nd of April 2016 to the 31st of May 2016 at 24:00 (Japan time)



5 works will be selected by the judges. The winners will get a SKETCH NOTE created with your own design UV printed onto it.


Judge panel

IijimaOsamu IIJIMA/ Creative Director / Art Director / Designer / nide Inc. CEO

Born on the 5th of September 1978 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Involved in art direction / branding / graphic design / interactive / installations and more, a wide area of design work revolving around the fields of apparel and producer of craft beer, as well as creative direction.

IshitaniMasaki ISHITANI(@masakiishitani)

Author of the “Mitaimon!” academic review blog for presenting web service net gadgets. In 2002 he won the media and art special awards, in the 5th iteration of the web creation award web person unit prize. In November of 2010 he wrote a short piece of the book “Those who don’t quit are successful on the net (Gihyo Publishing)”, and has penned many other essays. In September of 2011 he started working as an IT marketing advisor for the government’s PR ministry. In that same year he also won the Alphablogger award. His work producing the “Open PC bag”, launched online, was a great success.

ToshiyaToshiya Fukuda / Tripleseven Interactive Inc.
CEO / Creative Strategist / Creative Director

He joined Hakuhodo in 1982, and was assigned to the production department. As a CM planner he has worked on countless CMs for companies all over the nation, and since the year 1999 he is working at the forefront of online advertising as their creative director. He left in 2003 to start his own company, Triple Seven Interactive. Since then he has worked on many net communication advertising projects. As the co-founder of FabCafe, he is in charge of all of FaCafe’s creative direction.

MinamiKazushige Minami/ valueinnovation CEO & Product Designer

He studied film and economics at an American college. During his student years he also taught himself web design and programming, and started up his own website. Upon coming back home, he became a project manager and design strategist for an apparel and food products business company. He later become the manager of the producer team at a web design company, and after that worked as a venture capitalist. In 2009 he started his company, Valueinnovation Ltd.

AdrianLuis-250Luis Mendo & Adrian Hogan/ PauseDraw Founder and Organizer

PauseDraw is a networking/drawing event held on occasion by Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan By pausing among the things we pass by every day and taking up our pens, people can experience not only the enjoyment of drawing, but also the importance of stopping to take a deep breath, and the wonder of looking at things from a different angle.


Tips for Design and How to Submit

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