COMPETITIONSMake it Yourself Project #01 Traveling Leather Slipper by KULUSKA


05.11.2015 - 06.17.2015



A new craft project creating chemical reactions between creators. and FabCafe Tokyo have started a new project series called “Make it Yourself!”

People who renovate rooms, make their own clothing, and attempt the challenge of 3D printing. More and more people are getting involved in “crafting.” This project is a collaboration between noteworthy creators involved in crafting and your own creativity.

The theme for the first part of this project is to design and customize your own version of design team KULUSKA’s traveling leather slipper!


What is Make it Yourself?

The passion of someone’s craft moves other creators, giving birth to a new creation. One piece of work becomes the inspiration for many other crafters.

“Make it Yourself” is a project series bringing together creators in real life and over the Internet, where they develop a craft as a result of the chemical reaction between them.

The creators (crafters) working for this pioneering project will create a “story” and a “format” to pass on to creators around the world. You will take on the challenge and add your own ideas and designs to tell the next story.

We hope that the connections that develop from this project will form the start of new projects…


The crafter will provide the

The crafter will provide the “format” for the craft.

Creators from around the world can get the

Creators from around the world can get the “format” and “story” through the Internet.

「Each creator makes his or her own creation based on the

Each creator makes his or her own creation based on the “format”.


About #1 “Traveling Leather Slipper”

Traveling Design Unit KULUSKA

17223900105_b8ddfb7eb6_zThe collaborators for our memorable first project are the craftsman and designer team, KULUSKA. KULUSKA’s leather slippers are special slippers that have traveled the world. They have traveled throughout Japan and the world, beginning with the African continent, and were finally sent to President Obama in the US.

Here is the story of how KULUSKA attempted to bring the experience of crafting to everyone, and how the concept of “open design” was born.

Add your own color to KULUSKA’s “Traveling Leather Slipper.”

kuluska12-600x450We are looking for original slipper designs based on traveling design team KULUSKA’s leather slipper, with your own ideas and creations added.
Add a printed graphic or illustration, cut out shapes with a leather cutter, sew on buttons or add some hand embroidery–the possibilities are endless!

Make two pairs of slippers, and give own to someone you love.

foryou_imgThe designers from foryou_img will choose 10 designs as the winners. Each winner will receive 2 kits to make leather slippers as a prize. Finish the slippers lovingly with your own hands. Then give one of the pairs to somebody you care about.
For example, you could give them to someone you love who is so far away that you rarely get to see them.
There will also be an exhibit of finished slippers at FabCafe Tokyo (Shibuya, Tokyo)!
(The exhibit will probably take place from the end of August till the beginning of September.)

Design Rules

● Please submit your design in the format of JPEG or PDF.

●The slippers are made from undyed leather.

●Please choose from the following themes: A. Travel Scenery. B: Daily Discoveries. C. Love for a Special Person.

●You can print a graphic or illustration on the top or sole of the slipper.

● You can brand or carve letters or line drawings into the leather.

●You can change the shape of the top or sole of the base slipper.

●You can add craft notions such as lace, buttons, or studs.

slippers02*The leather for this project is undyed.

How to Enter

This is an open competition, and entries will be displayed on our website.
In order to enter, you will need to create an account at You can create an account easily through your Facebook or Twitter account for free.



Items Necessary to Enter:

1. Design Image
1 image showing the design for the top and sole of the slipper and a sketch of the whole slipper.
Please create the file as you wish in a JPEG or PDF format . You may also submit your own sketch.
File format: JPEG format, A3 size. Resolution: 200 dpi. RGB mode. Under 10 MB.



2. Project title and introductory text
You must submit a title for your work. There is no word limit for your introductory text.


Contest Rules:

* One person may make up to 5 entries.
* In the event that you win, you must participate in our “Leather Slipper Creation and Display” program beginning in mid-July. (You can participate long-distance.)
* You must update your profile information and email address on our site.


Entry Period

May 5th, 2015 (Monday) to June 17th, 2015 (Wednesday) at 24:00 Japan time.


How to Enter

After logging in, please click on the “Enter” button at the top of the page. Proceed to the Upload page and upload your image.



Prize Information


* First Prize 1 entry
* Judge’s Prize 4 entries
* Runners Up 1 to 5 entries


Prizes (for all categories):

* 2 kits for recreating your prize-winning KULUSKA leather slippers
* A medal for each prize


Regarding Prize Slippers:

* The leather slipper kit includes leather, pre-printed leather, sewing needles, and sewing thread.
(When you receive notification of winning a prize, please send a full-size version of your data for printing.)
* You will be able to experience the creation of the slipper from sewing to finishing with your own hands.
* You must send one of the pairs of slippers to someone important to you as a gift.
* If you require craft notions such as lace, buttons, eyelets, studs, etc., please prepare them for yourself.



Judges will select winners from A4 size, 200 dpi printouts of each design.



naokiNaoki Fujimoto (KULUSKA)
As a student, he learned the arts of clothing creation and leather-working. He creates items for fashion shows and stage costumes. After thinking of how to create a collaborative craft project, he connected with FabLab, and has been involved in the planning of many projects using the good points of digital and craft mediums.


ayaAya Fujimoto (KULUSKA)
After working in advertising, music, apparel, and the IT industry, she entered the world of crafts. While developing designs and products with a story, she became interested in creating crafts with resilience, and is now creating designs with roots in rural areas. She also works as a designer, director, and writer.


iwaokasan_MG_8752Kotaro Iwaoka (FabCafe LLP Fab Director)
After graduating from Chiba University, he joined an architectural firm and designed single-family and communal dwellings. Later he attended graduate school at Keio University to pursue the study of digital creation.
In 2011, he joined Loftwork with the plan for “FabCafe” already in mind. As the director of FabCafe, he provides service and planning to bring creative ideas to life.


profSonoka Sagara (FabCafe LLP Chief Crew)
Graduate of Osaka Arts University. Interested in design from a young age, she majored in graphic design. She joined Loftwork in order to manage FabCafe. She is responsible for the design of FabCafe’s website and decorations, and she plans and holds workshops for digital fabrication.


Judging Standards:

1. The slipper’s basic design, and how it takes advantage of the special qualities of the material.
2. Adherence to the theme and keywords.
3. Whether the design is comfortable and aesthetically appealing as a slipper.


* The winners will be contacted directly by email.
* The winning entries will also be displayed on our website.



May 8th to June 17th …Entry Period

May 28th … Meet Up Event @ FabCafe Tokyo
* The 2 members of KULUSKA will give a talk. Examples of the slippers will also be available to touch.

End of June … Judge’s meeting

Beginning of July … Announcement of results
* The editing department will notify the winners of their status by email.
* Winners must submit high-resolution data of their design.

Mid-July to mid-August … Creation period
* FabCafe will print your design onto the slipper parts and send them to you.
* Winners will assemble and customize the slippers themselves.

End of August to September (tentative) … Exhibition event and workshop
* Return the finished product to FabCafe, and we will put it on display.


Notice of Consent

Entrants will be considered to have agreed to the following conditions upon entry. Please read carefully.

* Entries may be displayed on the Loftwork or KULUSKA website.
* Products created as part of this project, or photos of said products, may be used by Loftwork or KULUSKA for advertising purposes.
* After the office sends out prize notification to the winners, if there is no response within 2 weeks, the prize may be invalidated.


Sponsor: Tokyo



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