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A Cute Design That Changes The Perception Of “Camel Fabric” To Be Commercialized
10,000 Creators Meet Pass The Baton, Vol. 3: The Chosen Creation Announced

For volume 3 of the “10,000 Creators Meet Pass The Baton” project, we recruited design ideas for new products using scraps of the thermal undergarment fabric “rakuda” (camel) provided by the fashion brand 33 applications came in to face the difficult problem of using “rakuda” fabric’s good qualities such as its warmth and texture while also having to reverse the conventional perception of the fabric as ugly and old. After evaluation, one design has been chosen for commercialization.

Furthermore, in addition to the creation chosen from submissions to our public recruitment, an idea that came out of June’s collaborative workshop between the Taiwan Design Center and “10,000 Creators Meet Pass The Baton” has also been chosen for commercialization. Please take a look at it as well.

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People who selected the design

Ryosuke Uehara (Kigi)

Ryosuke Uehara(Kigi)Creative director, Art Director

Yoshie Watanabe (Kigi)

Yoshie Watanabe (Kigi)Creative director, Art Director

Masamichi Toyama

Masamichi ToyamaSmiles Inc., Representative Director

Chiaki Hayashi

Chiaki HayashiLoftwork Inc., Representative Director

Chosen Creation

Wolf.project Wolf.project ”Resized Neal’s Yard Bottle for Food”



A new relaxed style using “rakuda” fabric’s best features.

It’s a set that includes comfortable women’s work pants and a blanket inside a cushion.
I’d like to suggest that it would be nice to have sets like this in the inns merchants stay in after traveling long distances on camels.
Just this one thing can be used as a set for guests, for your own relaxation, or as a cushion. When you’re using it, the remaining cover is a very functional item that can easily be used as a cover for another cushion.


遠山 正道The idea of a cushion with a blanket inside it is interesting. The scraps are all different colors, so it seems like every unit of this product will be subtly different. But the women’s work pants might not be necessary. (Smiles, Toyama)

林千晶This is a good use of the shapes and uniqueness of the scraps. I think it would be convenient and cute to put one in the car, for example, and take it with you when you go out camping and such. (Loftwork, Hayashi)

A New Product Born From The Japan And Taiwan Creator’s Workshop To Be Commercialized

In addition to the creation selected from submissions to our open recruitment, it has also been discussed whether or not to commercialize a prototype created in the workshop held at the Taiwan Design Center in June.

The workshop, which was realized through the cooperative efforts of the Taiwan Design Center and “10,000 Creators Meet Pass The Baton,” brought Japanese and Taiwanese designers together. Through a method called a “make-a-thon” in which participants had to focus to create new products in a limited amount of time, Taiwanese and Japanese designers meeting each other for the first time formed teams of four and challenged themselves over two days to the same task as for the open recruitment, going from brainstorming to prototyping.

Of the five teams that participated in the workshop, the Camel team’s prototype was the most complete, and so it has been selected for commercialization.

>> Workshop report


Couple Camel


Chihiro Honda (Kigi Co., Ltd.), Kenichi Matsumoto (Motomoto Co., Ltd.), Yiwen Wu (Pinghengmu Design Co., Ltd.), Mingzong Luo (Artman International Space Design Group)

Workshop host: Taiwan Design Center
Planning: Smiles Co., Ltd.; Loftwork Co., Ltd.

Creation Explanation

Young people tend to hate this fabric because of its strong association with long johns. But we tried to focus on the color, beauty, and texture of the “rakuda” fabric itself to improve its image. We fleshed out a background story for the product to construct a world view.

We used cylinder-shaped scraps to create a simple, stylish scarf. We mixed and matched eight different fabric colors to compare and contrast the concepts of desert and sky, man and woman. Following the product story of “a camel that travels from Africa to Tokyo with his girlfriend and, facing winter, gives her a scarf made of his own fur,” the scarves are presented in packages with camels wearing them. The label is made in the image of traditional African textile patterns, and is marked with the brand name “Couple Camel.”

With the slogan, “Because I’m a camel, because it’s cold, because I love you, and just because, I’m giving you this gift,” a low price point is planned so the product can be easily given as a gift.


遠山 正道The power of the concept and graphics has been used well in this product. This is something fitting for the output of “10,000 Creators Meet Pass The Baton.” (Smiles, Toyama)

林千晶For recycle products, it’s really important to solve the puzzle of “If I were going to add just a bit of creativity to this, what would I add and how?” and I think this product has solved that puzzle extremely well. Of all the creations we’ve had until now, this is the item I’d most like to give as a present to someone. (Loftwork, Hayashi)

植原When you put it on, it’s unexpectedly cute. It’s wonderful that it manages not to get caught up in the “rakuda underwear” image. (Kigi, Uehara)

渡邉It would be too “as is” with just the tube, but I think the combination with the graphics gives it charm. There were some things that will probably need improving in the actual process of commercialization, but I believe in the final product. (Kigi, Watanabe) Prize

From the creations that didn’t quite make the cut for commercialization, one creation with a particularly unique perspective was selected to receive a special prize.

The prize is a pair of long johns from’s silk mixed series, in the pattern of the winner’s choice.

urotanke ”Summer Rakuda”



The main concept is that “rakuda” fabric is warm and useful for the winter, but I want to use it in the summer too.
Winter is cold, and summer is hot. Due to the spread of air conditioning that goes against that natural environment, we’re now in a situation in which raising temperatures in cities can’t be avoided. At the same time, with the energy saving and ecology boom going on, we’re left at a loss what to do. In recent years as smart grids and home generators are all the rage, I’d like to propose carrying around cold things in a stylish way as the ultimate personal air conditioning system.
The current cooling items like this aren’t exactly wonderfully made, and haven’t gone beyond the territory of camping and children’s use. But if we had something that was stylish enough for women to carry without hesitating, and that could blend in to the daily commute scene, I think that would make the world a little better.

A comment from Takemura of

Camels are animals that naturally do well in the heat, so the unique, reversed idea of using the fabric to stay cool in the summer was what made us decide to choose this creation as the winner.

General Comments From The Judges, And The Judging Committee Report

We’ve put together a photo report on the judging committee. We share general comments from the judges here as well.

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