COMPETITIONSThe Deco it! Award—Design stickers to decorate your everyday—Calling for designs for stickers that inject the FUN back into life!


Check out the winning collection of fun sticker designs made to brighten up your day!

The Deco It! Award called for designs of sticker to put a little fun in our every day! The competition ran from September 2 until October 2 and during that time some 52 entries were received. We’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the competition!

The judges selected a total of 5 winners from the submissions. The winner of the Grand Prize and the two Excellence Award winners will receive their very own iDecora design cutter.

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Keiko Nozawa (Roland DG)


Shinichi Hamada (Senior Creative Director, Loftwork)




Grand Prize

Creator’s Name: Zuca
Title: “365 Petal


A petal a day! Each day for 365 days of the year you can stick one petal up on the wall and make either one huge flower or a whole field of little flowers. This deco piece allows you to enjoy watching your flower(s) grow, just like a real live plant! The petals come in 12 sheets, just like a calendar. The title “365 Petal” is a play on words in Japanese as peta suru or petaru means to stick on!

Judges’ Comments

Satoshi Hasegawa from minna: I really liked this entry as the design goes beyond peeling the sticker off the sheet and takes it one step further than all the other entries to a more finished product.

Mayuko Tsunoda from minna: I think this design is interesting in that it gives the user a lot of freedom with the design, as well as enjoyment. I also liked how the design completely nailed the competition task of adding fun to our everyday lives with a really positive approach.

Keiko Nozawa from Roland DG: I knew from the first time I laid eyes on this design that it would take first prize. The design cleverly takes the limitations of the iDecora tape width and uses it to its advantage. I would love this in my own room.

Shinichi Hamada from Loftwork: I love the idea that you use one sticker a day from something like one of those flip-over daily desk calendars. This is truly unique as a product! I’ve never seen anything like it before.

N.B. Only three prizes were set to be awarded when the competition was originally rolled out, but as this entry was of such an outstandingly high standard, the judges decided to award it with the Grand Prize Award.

Excellence Award

Creator’s Name: mano-keisuke


This design is based on the idea of saving electricity and is a sticker that is placed over your light switch. It’s designed to make you want to pat this cute little penguin on the tummy and save electricity. Every time you pat his belly it will remind you to think about the environment and the Earth. You can choose which way your penguin faces and how his head is tilted. Suitable for light switches measuring 70mm x 120mm.

Judges’ Comments

Satoshi Hasegawa from minna: There were quite a few entries for light switch covers, but this one was the most simple design of them all and it also gives you a warm fuzzy at the same time. It cleverly encourages people to turn the lights off when not in use, without actually spelling it out.

Mayuko Tsunoda from minna: I like how you can choose which way your penguin is facing and the angle of his head. It makes it rather fun!

Keiko Nozawa from Roland DG: The design and colors are not overpowering, and are so simple that they will go with any interior. That’s what I liked about this design.

Shinichi Hamada from Loftwork: The concept of people wanting to touch the penguin’s belly is really interesting.

Excellence Award

Creator’s Name:Masashi Hayashi
Title of Entry: “PhotoFuti”


These stickers are designed to act as a photo frame to display a photo or picture. Why not showcase your favorite pictures or photos using these stickers which work in a similar way to photo corners. These stickers also have a lovely seasonal feel to them.

Judges’ Comments

Satoshi Hasegawa from minna: The stickers themselves are not decorating a frame, but become the frame itself. You would think that we have seen this idea before, but actually it’s the first time. I like it.

Mayuko Tsunoda from minna: I think this idea can bring a lot of enjoyment to those who use them.

Keiko Nozawa from Roland DG: These are great as you can use them on walls, windows or in regular photo albums. I can totally see mums using the iDecora to create albums of their kids’ photos and sticking these photo corners on.

Shinichi Hamada from Loftwork: It never occurred to me to design stickers to stick on photos. It’s a great idea!

Runner Up

Creator’s Name: TAMAMONO design
Title: “Stitch Mosaic”


This is colorful tape showcasing designs of embroidery from around the world. The idea is based on the concept of putting stitch mosaic on various items using the tape, which can be used for a multitude of purposes such as to decorate, hide, or compliment other designs and colors of whatever takes the fancy of the person using it. If you print it on an adhesive sheet, you can even use it as a transfer to put on clothes.

Judges’ Comments

Satoshi Hasegawa from minna: There may already be similar products out there on the market, but I really liked that the way the creator showed examples of how to use the tape. I think these are really cute.

Mayuko Tsunoda from minna: It’s cool how the creator didn’t limit where the tape can be used in their presentation of the design.

Shinichi Hamada from Loftwork: I can totally picture in my head how the end user can use these tapes to decorate simple products like those from Muji or Ikea.

Runner Up

Creator’s Name:sige.
Title of Entry: “Grass room”


Green up your own room! These are grass wall stickers to bring nature into your room by sticking them on your walls. By combining the standard grass wall stickers with stickers of flowers and bugs, you can transform your room into a spring field. That would be so relaxing, don’t you think? Why not see how it feels to be surrounded by nature and the open fields?

Judges’ Comments

Keiko Nozawa from Roland DG: I think it is really interesting how the scene of the field comes together by putting all the different parts like the grass and the flowers up. Also, I like how the monotone colors are so simple and the creator doesn’t try to go all out colorful.
Shinichi Hamada from Loftwork: The scene of a field is something familiar to everyone, and I like the idea of making the stickers DIY-style by yourself. The whole idea has a lovely contemporary feel to it.


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