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VOLLY - Your voice in rolling ball

VOLLY - Your voice in rolling ball

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VOLLY is a brand new “Phigital” ball with motion sensor. When kids record their voice, then shake and roll it, their voice sound different by the sensor.
The word of “Phigital” is a coined word made of Phigical x Digital. We hope that kids also find out how fun it is to move around physically through using digital program.

The program of using VOLLY called “VOLLY and the castle of the Devil” proceeds according to the video. To get back the world from the Devil, kids corporate with others and realize the importance of communication.
In addition, the other program called “Koro-Koro Erectronica” let kids make their own course by using blocks. The voice of VOLLY differs by the course they make.

Kids learn the importance of the communication by using their voice and sound. They can find the joy of music even they can’t play instrument.


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Nov 07,2016 Updated


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