Japan Emotions 2

Japan Emotions 2

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I'm on a journey and now it's days to day
A day with a rich old fashioned to hide the shadow
You can meet this emotional scenery.
This is the lazy of Ito city, Shizuoka Prefecture.
One evening, the Tokai Pavilion
Now to the cultural facilities.
Opened as a hot Spring Inn in 1928
It is said that it was started.
After that, the extension was piled up several times,
Operating as a hot Spring Inn in 1997
And then the year 2001 culture
Seems to have shifted to the facility!
It's been a great many times
Japan original emotions and venerable trees
Architecture is still one of the Japan landscape
The warmth and strength of being on the corner
I feel pride.

Chikara Amano

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Oct 06,2017 Updated


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