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OTON GLASS is a set of smart glasses designed to help dyslexic people to read words. The camera captures pictures of words that user wants to read and reads out the words for the user via the earpiece.

I was determined to develop OTON GLASS through my father’s dyslexia experience. In 2012, my father had a brain tumor, and developed dyslexia after his operation – catalyst for OTON GLASS. Fortunately, he recovered fully after rehabilitation. However, many people have congenital dyslexia regardless of their symptoms. First, I interviewed my father and observed his behavior and identified problems. During the ideation phase, I did idea sketching and video prototyping. I formed a team of engineers and product designers who invented an active prototype. I saw the necessity to develop OTON GLASS after receiving feedbacks from my father and 5 other dyslexic people.

OTON GLASS utilizes Raspberry Pi (RPi) as its computer. The RPi processes these images by OCR and detects the words in the images. The artificial voice technology changes words to sounds, which the user can then understand it’s meaning. This OTON GLASS prototype is constantly being updated. The current OCR is capable of changing words to sound; however, the OCR cannot recognise ever character. Therefore, we considering to make OTON GLASS sort the desired words to be read, and if the RPI can’t recognize them, it will send to a remote supporter that can decipher the words.

Keisuke Shimakage

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Nov 06,2016 Updated


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