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Through textile biomimicry, single material can provide multiple functions,
simultaneously displaying soft, flexible and robust textures.

Biological cycle & Technical cycle
According to Janine Benyus’ theory of Biomimicry, it establishes whole environment of nature we live through few polymers, such as DNA, RNA, Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein, which is named the bio-manufacture process. This manufacturer can build up a biological cycle, because this is a closed-loop. The natural materials are grown by fully biodegraded material. Therefore, it is easy to reabsorb into nature system.

Comparing to nature, McDonough and Braungart, describe the mainly fields of industrial design and product design. Our manufacturing methods initially started with energy intensive mining, crushing, smelting, refining and forming. The process then frequently continues with other stages of protective coating and adhesives. This is a technical cycle and erodes our environment.

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