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Fab Scooter

Fab Scooter

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I got a traffic accident in 2000 and lost my walking ability.
In 2009, I found an Mobility Scooter in Hawaii. It was so good that I decided to buy one, back in Japan. But Mobility Scooter that can load and unload to my car by myself, did not sell in Japan.
In December 2013, I read a book “FabLife” written by Hiroya Tanaka, and decided to, dedicate the rest of my life to Fab.
In July 2014, When I saw photos and video “Open source Fab city car project” from Fab10 in Barcelona, I realized I can make my scooter by using plywood. No need for molding.
So soon, I started designing while embodying the scooter of the image in the 123D Design.
The first version completed in October 2015.
It took about 1 year from drawing to finish.
So it was completed with the cooperation of the Fab Lab, I named this “Fab Scooter” and it is Made in Fablab.
I can load and unload this into my car all by myself.
I can move anywhere I like.

2014年7月、バルセロナで行われていたFab10のワークショップ「Open source Fab city car project」の写真や動画を見ました。そして、合板を使えば電動スクーターを自分で作ることができると確信しました。金型は必要ないのです。
すぐに、私は自分で考えた電動スクーターのイメージを123D Designで具現化しながら設計を開始しました。
FabLabの協力で完成したので、私はこの電動スクーターを「Fab Scooter」と命名しました。Made in Fablabです。
私はこの「Fab Scooter」を自分の車に一人で積み降ろしできます。そして、どこにでも行くことができます。

Kuramoto Yoshisuke

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