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Sensory Lines

Sensory Lines

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Sensory Lines is an art-based study on the crossmodal : Sound, textiles and spatial design. Our practice-led research
focuses on creating an immersive environment, rethinking textile as audio emitting surface, as well as an interactive
display with haptic feedback. Encouraging tactile engagement, as well as modifying the structure itself in order to
enhance the acoustic characteristics, thus creating an involving, multi-sensory experience, cross linking the senses in
a creative, joyful manner.

Textile structure design focused on exploring the experience of the integration of senses through a sound emitting,
responsive colour changing textile interface, embedded with a visual-haptic system, in order to engulf a unified perception of our
surroundings and events. Recent growing interest in the design of multi-sensory systems, shape a research area that
jumps across disciplines in order to study perceptual experience with an emphasis on its crossmodal dimension.

The growing number of theoretical and scientific approaches celebrating the cross modal character of perception has
come as a response to the flat, virtual CG immersed present, trying to counter balance the rigid hierarchization of the
senses. Textile innovations are undoubtedly the next technological frontier, as wearable technology and smart
personalizable objects become ever more relevant and crucial in our everyday lives.

The intent for Sensory Lines is to be used as a material innovation for textile structure in contemporary interior
structure design. A modular sound emitting textile display, with vibro-tactile capabilities, focused on the examination of
spatial elements through acoustics, with the ability to be built into any scale, opens numerous possibilities for the
implementation and use of this application.


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