Fab Christmas Ornament battle has started!


Hi everyone!

Right now, at FabCafe Tokyo which Loftwork runs, we’re rolling out an initiative where we exchange Christmas ornament creations with Fab network (including FabLabs!) and those from creative spaces around the world.

The ornament in the photo above that Fab Girl Sonoka is holding is designed by Republikken creator Nanna Lillelund, who is from a creative co-working space in Copenhagen.

You may be surprised to learn that this ornament exchange doesn’t involve sending the actual ornaments, but is an exchange of the ornament design data. This initiative is all about sending bits (data) not atoms (matter) to creators around the world so they can all decorate their Christmas trees together as part of the Fab Christmas Ornament Project 2013 now being rolled out at FabCafe.


So, how do we exchange ornaments without the help of Santa, his reindeers, or the post office?

The following outlines this unique method of exchanging ornaments which leverages the features of digital fabrication tools.

1. Make

Creators from all over the world make their own Christmas ornaments using laser cutters at nearby creative hubs.

2. Share

Share the laser cutter data online .

The data made by creators for this project is available online for anyone to download and use.
Why not have a go yourself by downloading the data here!

3.Download & make

People in Fab network and creative hubs download the data and create their own ornaments. They make the ornaments using a laser cutter with the data designed by creators from across the world and with materials available to them in their home countries.


The finished ornament can then be hung on the Christmas tree!

In addition to Nanna’s ornament, today we also hung on the tree an ornament designed by Yahsin Huang from FabCafe Taipei. If you look closely you can see that there are holes along the branches of the Christmas tree ornament, making it perfect for hanging earrings as well!




Creative hubs participating in the Christmas Ornament Project include Japan (FabLab Kamakura, FabLab Kannai), Taiwan (FabCafe Taipei, FabLab Taipei) , Spain (FabCafe Barcelona), Norway (Bitraf), and Denmark (Republikken), etc. There will be more and more hubs participating in the project as it moves forward, so please be sure to check out the map on wall next to the entrance when you visit Shibuya’s FabCafe. We also plan to add more ornaments on the tree leading up to Christmas day.

You can also find the Fab network places who are participating the project here.


Of course, individual creators are welcome to submit ornament designs as well. Just click on the banner below to visit the project page!


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