Report! You Fab 2013 award party and speaking event


On November 13th, we held a party and speaking event celebrating the winners of You Fab 2013 and talking about the new possibilities for paper and laser cutters. Here is our report on the goings on at this exciting event centered on the theme of “creativity with paper” with many designers in attendance!

Attention! The data for the prize-winning creations from You Fab 2013 is now on sale online! Find it here!



The party started off with the award ceremony for the You Fab 2013 design contest in which entrants created works with paper and laser cutters. The award-winners from the three categories, toys, greeting cards, and party clothes & accessories, were officially recognized by designers Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER) and Yuichi Takeo (managing director of Takeo Co., Ltd.), who had served as judges. Here are the three winners of the excellence award along with their creations!

“Category A: Toys”

Ryoichi Ogura




By layering a number of these, the regular patterns overlap with one another and create a moiré pattern. The appearance and color resemble fireworks (hanabi) in summer, and it is a toy that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The laser cutter is used to produce the dotted pattern on the five different sized and colored pieces of paper. An eyelet is fixed to the center of each of the five disks. When you spin each of them around, the colors mix together and create a variety of patterns. If you spin them slowly, it looks like an animation.

Category B: Greeting Cards

Masatoshi Okaさん
Title:Celestial Greeting Card




Paper has many characteristics, but the ones that I decided to focus on with this design are folding and writing. Writing in this card is designed to be really fun because the finished shape can fit together (or not fit together) depending on the way it is folded with the cuts in it. By cutting semicircles into it and bending alternate pieces from the middle and slightly changing the point of the bend a little each time, and you get a sequence of three-dimensional concentric circles that look like a celestial globe. Some ideas on how to have fun with this card include writing a message on the upright parts and another one on the flat parts, or drawing stars and planets on the upright parts so it looks like a little solar system.

Category C: Party outfits or accessories (Surprise)




KATSURA is a wig made from paper.
The paper selected is called Reversible Mermaid and a lace motif is etched onto it using the laser cutter.

After the award ceremony, there were talks by the contest judges Mr. Tachikawa and Mr. Takeo as well as Loftwork’s Chiaki Hayashi. They discussed the possibilities of digital fabrication while reflecting on each of the award-winning works.


In addition, creators who won special awards in You Fab 2013 gave lightning talks during the networking session. Some of the creators in attendance had been making things out of paper for decades (!), showing the profound depth of paper as a material. The event was full of fun for attendees as well, who actually got to touch the paper items brought by creators and ask questions.

Untitled▲Special Award:Makoto Sasao
Title:Congratulations Box Card / Thank You Box Card

Untitled▲Special Award:julien wulff
Title:Paper Kaito

Untitled▲Special Award:horirium
TitlePolyhedron Tiles

Untitled▲This is another creation by Mr. Sasao, apart from his current prize-winning work. You may have thought that this work was made on a laser cutter, but apparently it was made with a utility knife. The elaborate detail is incredible.

Works by winners who sadly were unable to attend this party can be seen here.

And here’s good news for those of you who were hoping to show off the award-winning creations. Data for some of the You Fab 2013 award-winners is now available for sale/distribution via download!

Download the creation data on the website, and you’ll be able to make them with a laser cutter anywhere in the world. Why not make some yourself as presents for the coming holiday season?

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