GIF-K-A-THON Report!

This past February 14th, Valentine Day’s came with an unprecedented heavy snow! On this day, Loftwork Lab held its “GIF KATHON 2014” in Shibuya, Tokyo. “GIF KATHON” is short for “Animated GIFs Hackathon.”It is a meet-up event in which participants get together to have fun making animated GIFs. Here is ...

Fab Christmas Ornament battle has started!

You may be surprised to learn that this ornament exchange doesn’t involve sending the actual ornaments, but is an exchange of the ornament design data. This initiative is all about sending bits (data) not atoms (matter) to creators around the world so they can all decorate their Christmas trees together ...

Can we create new products with traditional Ishigaki Island textiles? We got together and did some prototyping.

On November 21st, 2013, held a workshop giving participants a prototyping experience. It took place at the Shibuya digital fabrication cafe, FabCafe Tokyo, in Shibuya, Tokyo. The prototyping theme was the creation of new products with the traditional Ishigaki Island textile hanaori minsa. Hanaori minsa is one of the ...

Report! You Fab 2013 award party and speaking event

On November 13th, we held a party and speaking event celebrating the winners of You Fab 2013 and talking about the new possibilities for paper and laser cutters. Here is our report on the goings on at this exciting event centered on the theme of “creativity with paper” ...

How To Create The 360 Degree Panorama Book?

360 Degree Panorama Book Christmas Version by Yusuke Oono Super Hot 360 Degree Panorama Book !  This unique panorama book, called "360 degree panorama book" is created by a Japanese architecture Yusuke Oono. In 2012, he won the fist prize at "You Fab 2012" which is the world design contest of laser cutting and was held by FabCafe. This contest led him to appear on worldwide media and many people are attracted by his beautiful and delicate art work. I'm sure that many people are curious about how to create such a unique and delicate panorama book. Today I'm gonna show you how he makes this 360 degree panorama book christmas version.

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