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How to Apply

Things to prepare


You may submit a JPEG (RBG), PNG, or GIF image. It must have a resolution of 72dpi and be no more than 660 pixels wide.

Category A: Mac Fab

Download the template here and create your design.
*Note: The laser cutter engraves the coating on the surface, not the metal. Your design will appear white when it is laser cut. The Apple logo cannot be cut by the laser cutter.


Design example (designed by Toshiya Fukuda)

Category B: Free Fab

Please prepare a single JPEG (RBG), PNG, or GIF with a rendering of your completed fab idea. Also, prepare blueprint-like diagram(s) showing the pieces that will be cut and engraved, if possible.

Example idea
A World In A Sheet No.001 "Wall Pecker"

Example diagram

2. Work title

In either English or Japanese.
*For the category B: Free Fab, if you have sub images and blueprint-like diagrams showing the pieces that will be cut and engraved, please name the diagram data “(your work title)/diagram”.

3. Material information and explanatory text.

Up to 300 English words explaining the materials to be used and the intent of the work.
*For the category B: Free Fab, if you have external links that show the pieces which will be cut and engraved, please enter the links here. If you don’t upload a blueprint-like diagram for your work, please explain how to make it in details.

The laser-cutter can cut materials up to 813x457mm. The thickness it can cut depends on the material.
・Acrylic: up to 10mm (according to in-store tests)
・Plywood: up to 12mm (according to in-store tests)
The precision at cross-sections and start and end points will be lower with thicker materials, so we recommend a maximum thickness of 5mm for both acrylic and plywood.
For further information, see the FabCafe FAQ (Japanese only).


Application steps

We are collecting works in an open competition format using Loftwork.com’s portfolio system. Loftwork.com is a free online portfolio site.
If you don’t have an account, sign up here.


Step 1: Login and go to the image upload screen

Login to your Loftwork.com account or sign up for a new account now.

Once you are logged in, go to the image upload screen by hovering over “My Portfolio” in the menu at the top of the screen and clicking “New.”



Step 2: Upload your data

Choose the JPEG (RBG), PNG, or GIF that you want to upload, and then complete the requirements listed below.

● Content type: Check the box next to “Portfolio.”

● Title: Enter the title of your work.

● Explanation: Enter around 300 words explaining the materials to be used and the intent of the work.

● Tag: For “Category A: Mac Fab,” please enter youfab2012m, and for “Category B: Free Fab,” please enter youfab2012f.

*Warning: Please be sure you’ve entered the tag correctly. If the tag is not correct, your application will not be received.

● Creative Commons: First, click “Advanced Settings” to open the Creative Commons settings. Next, click the radio button to the left of “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs”.

After entering the above information, double-check the details, and click the “Upload” button at the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Confirm entry

Confirm that your work is displayed on the Overview of Entries page.

*If you work is not displayed on the Overview of Entries page, please make sure the tag has been entered correctly.

>>Category A: Mac Fab Overview of Entries
>>Category B: Free Fab Overview of Entries


Contest Terms and Conditions

All entrants in the competition must read the following terms and conditions. By entering the competition you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

・Apply the Creative Commons License 2.1 Japan: Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs to your work. If you are a prize winner, you agree to enter into an exclusive agreement with FabCafe regarding retail prices and royalties for the sale of your product.
・You, the entrant, hold the copyright to the submitted work, including rights for advertisements and PR. To the extent permitted by the Creative Commons License above, you will allow third parties to use the submitted work. You, the applicant, acknowledge that FabCafe LLP and Loftwork Inc. may reproduce, create and publically display your design data for PR purposes, without obtaining your prior permission.


・Acts of fraud in creator registrations and in submissions are prohibited.
・Submitted works must be produced and completed independently. When using materials created by a third-party creator in a submitted work, the entrant must be sure to obtain permission from the copyright holder. If an entrant uses materials that infringe on the rights of a third party, the submitted work will be excluded from consideration from the moment the judges are aware of the infringement. Furthermore, the organizer and managers accept no responsibility even in the case of a third party claiming rights infringement or damages against the applicant or organizer.
・We prohibit any action that is in violation of Japanese domestic law or international law. We prohibit actions that cause physical or mental harm to a third party, actions that cause defamation to a third party, and actions that infringe on any rights of a third party. Further, we prohibit all actions that contravene public order.

Organizer  Loftwork Inc.
Co-Organizer  FabCafe LLP

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