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Announcing 24 finalists for the international design contest

Check out these entries from Mac Fab 15 and Free Fab9, which have been shortlisted as finalists for You Fab 2012!

We would like to thank everyone for your interest and support in You Fab 2012—our competition calling for MacBook cover designs and groundbreaking ideas. We are thrilled to have received a total of 359 entries during the competition period, which ran from July 12 to August 31. You can see all the entries here.

From the total entries our five judges—Klein Dytham architecture (KDa), Mark Frauenfelder, Toshiya Fukuda, Hiroya Tanaka, and Kotaro Iwaoka—have selected these entries as finalists.

*The winners and runners-up will be announced in the early October. Please stay tuned!

Finalists for the Mac Fab (15works)

Creator: Yasuho Asada
Title: The design you can feel 2

Creator: Yasuho Asada
Title: Melting

Creator: Annie
Title: ants

Creator: blueberry cakes high
Title: distortion field 02

Creator: Ellen
Title: apple rise

Creator: Isshin Toganoki
Title: Bisyamon-Ten

Creator: JC Roxas
Title: Cloud Fairy

Creator: jyari
Title: green apple

Creator: Kumi
Title: Harvesting time

Creator: lovespread*
Title: biccamera!

Creator: Metatoron
Title: Praise the apple

Creator: Sara Infante
Title: The garden of the Hesperides

Creator: Takenoko
Title: candy apple

Creator: Wong Jian Kai
Title: The Real Fruit Ninjas

Creator: zuca
Title: tatami

Finalists for the Free Fab (9 works)


Title: 360°Book

Creator: Rob Meyer
Title: Cardboard Sphere Lamp

Title: 120% plant

Creator: Stuart Fingerhut
Title: Kinema Pendant

Title: Ornamenta False eyelashes

Creator: Vanessa Carpenter
Title: The Steampunk Butterfly Costume

Title: Piggy bank

Creator: lovespread*
Title: peblle link

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