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Design Specs

Please create your design using the following specifications

1. Design your own new light bulb shape. You can use the LED light bulb format, if you want. It can be a sketch or an image.

2. The light design needs to be able to be printed with the 3D printer in the form of a cover to go over a LED light bulb (E-17 base). (The actual LED light bulb itself cannot be printed.)

3. The light is to be hung from above.

4. Three materials that can be used in the 3D printer; acrylic, polyamide, and ABS.

5. The materials come in white, creamy white, and clear.

*In some cases, depending on the material, it is possible to choose simple colors such a blue or yellow when doing the 3D printing, but when creating your design please assume that materials only come in white, creamy white, and clear.

*Contest organizers will select the best suited materials to create the winning designs with, but if entrants wish to use a particular material, they should specify this in the design explanation section.

Light-bulb specs: LED light bulb (E-17 base)
Dimensions: Outer diameter: 35mm , Length: 67mm

Sample Works

We used the 3D printer to bring to life some design ideas from designer Kentaro Kato, who is also acting as one of the judges for this contest. Let’s take a look what types of lights were created from Kentaro’s sketches.


This design is an upside-down rabbit. The idea behind it was to demonstrate that the light bulb cover can take on any shape or form. It breaks the stereotype that lamps must look like light bulbs with its free and unique design. It’s made using UV-cured acrylic resin.


This design represents objects emanating radially from the center like the sun, sea urchins and chestnuts in their burrs. The thin spikes like those on a sea urchin have been turned around so that they are on the inside of the sphere. That way, even though it’s got spikes, it’s completely safe. When you turn it on, it gives of a very soft light. This complex design can only be reproduced with a 3D printer, and is incapable of being made with conventional metal molds. It is made using UV-cured acrylic resin.

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