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Through four projects, we are holding an online contest for design ideas for changing grade B products and dead stock into “nice products”.


How to submit

To submit your works, please follow the steps below. Make sure that you read the Submission rules before entering.

* We are collecting works in an open competition format using Loftwork.com’s portfolio system. Loftwork.com is a free online portfolio site.
 >>>About awrd.com | >>>Sign up

Step 1: Create a design Plan

Complete the required items on the downloaded entry form and prepare a file for application according to the following guidelines.
>>Download entry form

Entry Form
・File format: PDF or JPEG, 300dpi and over, CMYK
・Size: A3 size (file contents up to 10MB)
・File name: Please select a file name as specified below.
10000meXX(the 2-digit number of the specialty)XXXXX(awrd.com login ID)XX(number in relation to items entered).pdf
Ex.) 10000me01-lwstaff-02.pdf

●Thumbnail Image
・File format: PNG or JPEG, 72dpi, RGB
・Size: 400~600 pix wide



Step 2: Submit

Login using the “login” button at the top right area of the site.
By placing the cursor over “My Downloads” in the menu and clicking on “New Portfolio Item”, the file upload screen will open.
After clicking the yellow ‘File’ icon at the top right of the screen (default, ‘Image’ is selected), enter the required information below about your works, upload the entry form file and thumbnail.

Required information:
– Required information:
– Title: (Please input the title of the design here)
– Description: (Write a description of the design’s concept and caption)
– Tag: (Insert the tag that corresponds to the product from the “tag list” below)
– Creative Commons … select CC BY-NC-ND from the ‘Advanced Settings.’
*Warning: Please be aware that your entry cannot be completed if the tag is not entered properly.

Tag list
No. Title Tag
Vol.1 Akasaka Kakiyama’s okaki 10000me01
Vol.2 Design new product recycling Neal’s Yard Remedies’ blue bottle 10000me02
Vol.3 Design new items made of fragments of Japanese warm underwear 10000me03
Vol.4 Design new product made of mills ends of JINS’s eyeglass frames 10000me04

Step 3: Confirm Entry Status

Confirm that your work is displayed on the View Entries page.
*If your work is not displayed on the page, please make sure the tag has been entered correctly.

>>View Entries

Submission rules

Applicants must read the following:

Before submitting a work to the 10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON Project (hereafter “the project”) organized by Smiles Co., Ltd. and Loftwork Inc. (hereafter “the organizers”), please read the following rules and follow them when making your submission to the project . Submitting a work to this project means that you agree to the rules below.

Submission requirements

All submissions to this project must meet the following (A-E) conditions.
A) Individuals, groups or corporations that have agreed to the creator registration rules on awrd.com (http://www.awrd.com) by submitting an account registration application.
B) Individuals, groups or corporations whose creator applications have been approved and issued IDs and passwords by the administrator, Loftwork Inc.
C) Applicants who will make themselves/their design available for production if their submission is selected.
D) Those who understand the purpose of the project and have a desire to support the act of recycling.
E) Applicants whose submitted works are in line with the Creative Commons License described below.
“Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Japan” http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.1/jp/
*Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a new idea that allows creators to loosen the scope of copyrights they have over their work. Using the Creative Commons License by relaxing the scope of copyright over a work can be indicated by displaying the license online. As use of the Creative Commons License increases, the spread of creativity on the Internet will increase, quickening the development of creativity worldwide. >>Learn more (jump to Creative Commons Org’s site)

Submission process

To make a submission to this advertisement for contributions, works must be posted online on the special page set up for this project on the Loftwork.com portfolio site. Submission details can be found on the following submissions page: http://www.awrd.com/blog/pickup/passthebaton-submit/ (Up from April 1, 2013).


* Registering as a creator or submitting a work for the purposes of committing fraud is prohibited.
* All submitted works must be complete original works. If materials from a third party (art, photographs, font, etc.) are used in the submitted work, the applicant must secure consent of the copyright and usage rights holders. If materials are found to violate a third party’s copyright, the work in question will immediately become ineligible for selection. If a third party demands compensation for damages or copyright infringement from the applicant or organizer, the organizer and administrator will bear no responsibility.
* Violations of Japanese or International law are forbidden. Acts that cause physical or emotional harm to third parties, damage their reputation, or violate any of their rights are forbidden. Finally, deeds that disturb public order are forbidden.

About copyright

* Copyright of the submitted works (including advertisement and publicity of selected works) belongs to the applicant. However, third parties may use the work if it falls under the scope permitted by the Creative Commons License described above. The applicant also agrees they will not receive compensation from the organizers for the reproduction, modification and exhibition of their design data for the purposes of advertising. The organizers do not need to seek the applicants’ approval for such use.
* Smiles Co., Ltd. maintains the right to produce selected works for sale.
* Applicants do not have secondary use rights for works selected for this project. If a work is found to have been used for a secondary purpose after being selected, the organizer will withdraw its acceptance of the work.
* Contracts for production of selected works for sale will be determined between the applicant and Smiles Co., Ltd.

Selection process

Submitted works will go through the selection process described below, based on the selection standards for this project.

About the selection process

Final selection: selection by Masamichi Toyama (representative of Smiles Co., Ltd.), Chiaki Hayashi (representative of Loftwork Inc.), and other members of the selection committee

Announcement of results

Selected applicants will be notified by e-mail of the selection results.
Selected works will also be announced on awrd.com (http://www.awrd.com).

Handling of personal information

Selected applicants agree to let their personal information be shared between the organizers and the companies that manufacture the products.


* Works that do not follow the specifications and submission methods laid out in the submission literature will not be eligible for examination.
* It is possible that no submissions will be selected for examination or to be made into products.
* We will not respond to inquiries from applicants regarding the selection process or results.
* Applicants will not receive royalties for products sold using their work.
* Even if a work is selected, changes to the design’s specifications or cancellation of production may occur due to technical limitations or managerial judgment.

Organizers: Smiles Co., Ltd. / Loftwork Inc.

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