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Let’s talk about love through sweets this Valentine’s Day

As part of its plans for Valentine’s Day sweets, Loftwork.com is looking for “Macaroon Art” – uniquely decorated macaroons! The theme is “Love ‘4’ You”. When decorating your four macaroons, create something which conveys love.

The most unique and attractive macaroon art entries will be reproduced with real macaroons using “FabCafe’s” digital laser cutter. These will be exhibited during our Valentine’s Campaign in February 2013. The designs will also be adopted for “Macaroon Fab*” and sold over the counter. The grand prize winner will be awarded their winning macaroon, as well as a “Fab Ticket” with which you can the laser cutter at FabCafe.

Burn beautiful patterns into your 4 macaroons and use them to either tell a story or to convey a message. How far will you go with “Macaroon x Love”? We can’t wait to see your entries!

*What is Macaroon Fab?

We use a laser cutter to engrave various designs on macaroons, the great sweets from France! We then add decorative products to create macaroon deco for people to enjoy. These will be available over the counter at the Shibuya digital fabrication cafe, “FabCafe” for a limited period in early February. The winning designs from the competition will be used to decorate the cafe.

The macaroons are handmade by our pâtissier, Ms. Ozeki. She will be making a very special macaroon just for this project!

*What is FabCafe?

FabCafe insideFabCafe opened in Shibuya, Tokyo on March 7, 2012, and is Japan’s first creative cafe to use laser cutters. The cafe includes a variety of digital creation tools such as a laser cutter, and through this provides a space in which people can excitedly enjoy making new things.The cafe also holds regular “Think 3D” workshops using 3D printers, as well as chat events attended by prominent artists. Visit the FabCafe official site for more information.

>>FabCafe Official Site

Contest Overview

How to enter:
Produce a piece of macaroon art work under the theme of “Love4You”. Use the macaroon picture specified below.
For detailed rules, please click here.

Entry Period: January 10, 2012 to January 29, 2012 (Tues), Midnight Japan Standard Time.

・Grand Prize (1 winner)
 - 4000yen FabCafe Ticket (Can be used on food, drinks, and the laser cutter), or the equivalent amount in FabCafe goods.
 - A personal copy of the item created at FabCafe using the winning design
 - The winning design will be displayed at FabCafe and used for the “Macaroon Fab”
・ Runners Up Prize (Around 5-10 winners)
 - Winning designs will be displayed at FabCafe and used for the “Macaroon Fab”
* For technical reasons, the actual product may not be a perfect replica of the design. Please excuse us for this!
* We would be grateful if prize winners could supply a digital data file (Ai or Psd format) for use when branding and decorating the “Macaroon Fab”.

Contest Rules

The rules for the design are as follows:

● The theme of the design should be “Love4You”.

Use four macaroons to create works that convey “love”.

● Imagine to whom such a design would be presented.

It doesn’t matter who the design is for – it could be for a lover or crush, familiar people such as family and friends, or even for a celebrity. Of course it can also be for someone of the same gender… It will probably also help if you think about who apart from you would give this product, and to who? You have complete freedom to decide!

● To make your design, use the image below.

Please use the images here. ou may freely change the color and placement of the macaroons by using image editing tools. (of course, if you make macaroons by yourself, you can upload image of the decorated macaroons)

● The only condition is that the design is something that you would be able to eat. Be sure to use either methods A or B shown below.

(It is fine to use just one, or both)

A. Engraving
You can engrave your favorite design on your macaroon with the laser cutter. (But only in a single color)

B. Decoration for Sweets
Feel free to play with any commonly used decoration tools for sweets such as stencils, chocolate sprays, and cream!

*Hint: Make something that is interesting – even including its wrapping!
 Transparent background images are also available for those who want to design a wrapping!

How to Enter

A awrd.com account is required to enter. If you don’t yet have an account, please sign-up – it is a great place where you can easily create online portfolios. (Registration and membership is free!) >> Click here to register

Please read Contest Terms and Conditions before submittion.

・After logging in, move the cursor over to “My Portfolio/ My Downloads” on the menu at the top of the page, and click “New Project”
・Check the content type as “Portfolio”
・Enter a title and description (what is the purpose of the work, and to whom do you imagine it would be given)
・Enter the tag “love4you”
・Click the upload button
・Set up any Creative Commons license >>What is Creative Commons?
・ Set visibility options to “public”. (They are “public” by default)
・Click the upload button 

Please contact editors@loftwork.com if you have any difficulties uploading your work or if you need more information on how to upload.

Why not publish your work in a Valentine’s book? –Presented by Reclip

The new service “ReClip β” in which anyone can easily make their own art book is looking for work to publish this Valentine’s! We will be publishing a Valentine’s digital art book called “Love ‘4’ you” for the upcoming Valentine’s season. We will showcase the art book during FabCafe’s Valentine’s campaign.Be sure to send us your work – it can be recorded in our art book through any of the following ways!

・Register with ReClip! Upload your work with “_love4you” added at the end of the title.
 It is free to register an account at awrd.com.>>About ReClip

・The Creative Commons license of the submissions should be set as CC-BY .

Contest Terms and Conditions

If you intend to enter this contest, be sure to read the following terms. By entering you are deemed to have agreed to the content of these terms.

・Any Creative Commons License may be applied to the work.

・ The entrant authorizes Loftwork Inc., and FabCafe LLP (hereon “the organizers”) to duplicate image data, and to edit it, resize it, crop it, and publish it, without obtaining the express permission of the entrant.

・ In the case of a winning work which will be used by FabCafe for its design, the entrant agrees to supply the organizer with the product design (branding, decoration, etc) in digital data form as soon as possible. The entrant also authorizes the organizer to license the data for commercial use between February 1, and December 31, 2013.


・All acts of fraud concerning the creator’s registration and entry are prohibited.
・ All entries must by original, finished works. In the case of entries using materials of which the copyright is owned by a third party (such as art, photos, and fonts), the entrant must obtain permission from the third party. Any materials which are found to infringe the rights of a third party will immediately be excluded from consideration. Also, the organizers and contest runners shall not bear any responsibility for any infringements or claims for damages from any third party towards the entrant or organizer.
・ All actions which conflict with Japanese and International law are prohibited. Acts of physical or mental damage to a third party, acts of defamation of a third party, and any violation of the rights of a third party are prohibited. Any act which is contrary to public order and morals is also prohibited.

Organizer:  Loftwork Inc. / FabCafe LLP

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