Anna Trympali

Graphic Designer

Kawara Senbei Redesign by Anna Trympali

Kawara Senbei Redesign by Anna Trympali

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The logotype: Simple and strong. It is placed into a circle which is strongly associated with the culture of Japan, even if it is not red but black.

The box: It is in the shape of a roof tile. It is separated into two different parts. Until the middle of the box we have placed the cookies and on the other half there is a handmade construction of a roof tile.

The cookies: Their shape has been unchanged (11×7 cm). Each cookie is wrapped up in special greaseproof paper which is stitched on both sides so as to remain closed.

The construction: The inside roof tile construction is optional. It constitutes a surprise gift which illustrates the meaning of the cookie's name (Kawara Senbei)

Colors and Materials: A few simple colors and low-cost materials easily connected to the culture of Japan.

Anna Trympali

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Jan 07,2013 Updated


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