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    [EVENTS 2014/07/01 ]

    Sketch event report “PauseDraw at Loftwork Vol.2”

    “PauseDraw at Loftwork” was held in the event space Loftwork Lab in Shibuya on Saturday, June 8, where people got together and enjoyed sketching in various places.PauseDraw is an event, planned and held regularly by the illustrators Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan. The concept is to meet new people and…

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    [EVENTS 2014/05/15 ]

    Get ready for PauseDraw at Loftwork Vol.2 on June 8th!

    SKETCHING x NETWORKING event where you can draw while enjoying a picnic lunch! *Entry closed (6/5) The last time we held PauseDraw at Loftwork there was a huge turnout of around 40 people and everyone had a brilliant time (you can see the event report here!). We also received really positive feedbac…

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    [EVENTS 2014/04/14 ]

    Sketch Event “PauseDraw at Loftwork” Report

    Sunday, April 6, 2014 Calling for entries! Let’s show each other our hand-drawn sketches! 「Sketch Project」 (Deadline: 2014 May 18th) On Sunday, April 6th we held an event called “PauseDraw at Loftwork” where we all got together and drew. It took place at the Loftwork Lab, an event space on the…