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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/12/20 ]

    Results released!|3.5×2 Identity Business Card Ideas

    A full lineup of prize-winning unique ideas!Make it from paper! A business card competition full of unique ideas.The business card is a communication tool that represents and conveys one’s identity. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t a business card be as freely creative an expression as possible? Th…

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    [PORTFOLIOS 2011/12/08 ]

    2012 loftwork collection calendar: What is the theme for the loftwork calendar this year?

    What was 2011 like for everyone? As a portal site connecting creators and those who love being creative, and as a place that is appealing and delivers creativity to the world, Loftwork was able to establish a channel of communication between everyone. In 2012, we hope to offer a place where even mor…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/11/15 ]

    Designing a futuristic symbol of “monozukuri” from Tokyo – Now accepting submissions for “3*3Lab” logo!

    Top | About 3*3Lab | How to Submit | Submitted Works”3*3 Lab” research seminar that puts creators, businesses and specialists face-to-face to think about future “monozukuri” and “kotozukuri.” To help expand this initiative, we are now accepting submissions for logo design.The world is overflowing wi…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/10/27 ]

    Let’s vote!|3.5×2 Identity Business Card Ideas

    Please “Like” to vote for the business card idea you think is the most unique!3.5 x 2 Identity: The most selected product among those submitted to the “Handy Communication Ideas” contest will be awarded “Most Popular.”Please “Like” new business card design ideas that use paper as a communication too…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/10/19 ]

    MeMO Design Competition

    We are gathering desktop memo template designs that also convey funAt awrd.com, we provide a download function as one method for connecting the works of our creators with the people who need them. Through this function, a variety of creations such as PC wallpaper and design tumblers change hands and…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/10/14 ]

    Submitted Works | Roooots: Redesign Project 2012

    Top | About ‘Echigo-Tsumari Region’ | How to Submit | Submitted Works | After Selected

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    [TIPS 2011/10/12 ]

    Six Approaches to Making It In The Illustration Business

    How do you find work as an illustrator?For people with their sights set on becoming an illustrator, the most difficult problems to becoming a pro are knowing where to start doing illustration work, and what levels of self-selling/solicitation are required.Freelance illustrators also wonder how other…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/10/11 ]

    3.5×2 Identity Business Card Ideas

    Come up with your own unique business cardThe “meishi,” or business card, is a piece of paper that transcends its humble nature and works as a communication tool. It’s one of our most familiar everyday tools. The business card presents more than just the owner’s information — it conveys that person…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/10/06 ]

    Chance redesigning Japanese local foods and kimonos! -Roooots project-

    Top | About ‘Echigo-Tsumari Region’ | How to Submit | Submitted Works | After Selected Chance redesigning Japanese local foods and kimonos![caption id=”attachment_6875″ align=”alignright” width=”260″ caption=”(from left) Kenichi Matsumoto, 《Nou no Mai》 2010 D&AD award winner; Masaru Kuroyanagi, 《Ten…

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    [COMPETITIONS 2011/09/24 ]

    Create Your Halloween Project

    Let’s Reinvent Halloween!Have you ever wondered when people started celebrating Halloween?Around September, Halloween imagery starts popping up all over town: Jack-o’-lanterns, bats, skulls, spider webs, not to mention popular monsters like witches, Dracula, mummies, and Frankenstein.The world trans…

  • [COMPETITIONS 2011/09/10 ]

    My Site Design Award 2011 Announcement of Results

    Presenting the 6 Winning PiecesThe My Site Design Award was created on June 15th 2011 through a gathering together of personal websites by various creators with the aim of sharing their exciting creativity. By the August 1st deadline we had received an impressive 130 entries, for which we wish to ex…

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    [EVENTS 2011/08/03 ]

    Creative Commons Global Summit 2011 Poster Competition

     The 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit will be held in Warsaw, Poland, and we are now accepting poster design applications! This is a chance for your work to stand on the world’s grand stage. We ask for your active participation!What is Creative Commons(CC)? In the internet age, CC is a new licens…

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    [PORTFOLIOS 2011/07/05 ]

    My Site Design Award 2011

    Creator websites. Please show us your ideas.Illustrators, web designers, 3D designers, interior designers… Loftwork has a wide range of creators that exceeds 15,000 members.Currently, many of our creators have their own companies or personal websites and are involved in some form in the website.Seve…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/07/01 ]

    Create your own tumbler Design Collection in Summer | Download Free

    Introducing new insert designs for your tumbler.There are more and more people who walk around carrying drinks during a hot summer in order to avoid heatstroke.Having a tumbler with you allows you to do so many great things!● You can drink your favorite drink anywhere and at any time. ● It keeps col…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/06/10 ]

    OFF Project: Submit YOUR uchiwa design to cool Japan!

    Uchiwa Top | See All | Submit your Uchiwa Design | How to Use? | What’s “OFF Project”? Support power saving this summer with your designAs we approach summer, it is necessary to be creative in cooling ourselves off while saving power.While thinking about ways to cool off without using energy, loftwo…

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    [EVENTS 2011/06/09 ]

    ASIAGRAPH2011 | CG Art Gallery Public Subscriptions – How to Apply

    Seeking CG creators to represent Asia. Showing Japan’s digital art to the rest of the world!ASIAGRAPH, the gateway to success for CG creators in Asia, is now finally open for subscriptions for its art competition.This, the 9th ASIAGRAPH CG Art Exhibition, is an international CG event where top class…

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    [INTERVIEWS 2011/05/13 ]

    [INTERVIEW] AR 3BROTHERS: Let’s have fun with AR from now on

    From markerless technology to the reproduction of smells?In a time when it is no longer acceptable to say “I don’t know”, we talk about the AR of today and the future.Have you heard of the term “Augmented Reality”?Before we explain what it means, please watch the following video first.AR3Bros episod…

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    [TIPS 2011/04/26 ]

    Fundamental Methods for Writing Headlines Using Design Thinking that Draw Readers to Modern 2011 Web Writing

    Copywriter, director, and Rockaku president Mr. Tetsuo Morita held an event in collaboration with the Japanese edition of Lifehacker entitled “2011 Web Writing using Design Thinking,” the content of which generated a great deal of responses. When speaking of writing there is a tendency to think of i…

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    [DOWNLOADS 2011/04/07 ]

    OFF Project “Creativity in Support of Power Saving” Recruitment/Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake Special Planning

    Deliver a message of power saving across Japan with your artFollowing the Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake on March 11, the amount of electricity being delivered to the Tokyo area fell precipitously, and power saving became necessary across the country, with a focus on the capital region.That’s where your…