top-about is a bilingual portfolio site where you can meet 25,000 creators. is a portfolio created in 2000 to provide a platform for circulating jobs for creators throughout the world.

Graphic designers, illustrators, sculptors, product designers, artisans, font designers, web designers, photographers, artists, etc… Active creators of different genres from around the world have set up their portfolios here.


icon-portfolioAnyone can easily make their online portfolio any time.

Anyone with an e-mail address and personal works can easily set up a portfolio. Account registration and usage are free. Of course there is no screening either.

Also, there is a feature that allows you to upload free downloadable content in your portfolio.

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icon-projectYou can join design competitions and co-creation projects. holds design competitions and accepts entries every day. You can join various co-creation projects through design competitions.

If you want to try a new genre, build a unique track record, or just join something interesting, check it out. Newest projects are here.

Getting Messages!

You might get messages from someone who saw your works. They could be impressions, job offers, or words of appreciation from people who used your free downloadable content.

The hosting company Loftwork might also offer you commissions as a creative agency. If you change your e-mail address, don’t forget to update!

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about-2_05You can freely contact any of the creators at, and directly offer commissions. You do not have to go through Loftwork for a commission.

You can send a message to a creator any time using the “CONTACT” button on their portfolio.



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If you want to collaborate with the 20,000 creators from around the world or find business solutions through design and co-creation, feel free to contact us.

>>Go to contact form organizes and manages a variety of design competitions and co-creation projects.

We also introduce notable creators and their works through our blog, SNS, and mail magazines.

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