Contest Results – watch more Japan project

Winning designs for “Watch more Japan project” to be commercially realized

The “Watch more Japan project“, a collaborative effort between awrd.com and watch studio dedegumo, was held between March 27th and May 7th. During that time, we are pleased to report that we received over 140 watch designs. Our deepest thanks to all those who participated in the event. At last, we are happy to announce the winners of the dedegumo prize and the loftwork prize.

The winning designs will be displayed at this September’s Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012, and subsequently will be developed into fully-realized products. Furthermore, at the request of dedegumo, four additional works will be recognized for their exceptional creativity, and awarded an honorable mention.


Mr. & Ms. Izumo(Dedegumo)

Mr. & Ms. Izumo(Dedegumo)

Satoko Kitajima
(loftwork CD)

Shinichi Hamada
(loftwork CD)

Winning Creations

Those designs which are awarded the Dedegumo prize and Loftwork prize will be commercialized and be placed on display at this September’s Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012. In addition to receiving the completed commercial version of each watch, the winner of the Dedegumo prize will be invited to the Hong Kong fair, and the winner of the Loftwork prize will be invited to a special tour of the Kyoto-based Dedegumo watch studio.

Dedegumo Prize
designed by shichigoro

Creator’s Comment
About this Work:
I designed this with the Kyoto’s Genkouan Temple’s Enlightenment Window in mind. It is said that “The Enlightenment Window represents the mind of ‘Zen and Entsuu’, with the circle being a depiction of the universe.” Since the Japanese title of this project was something along the lines of “Japan’s Beautiful Time”, I felt that the Enlightenment Window was an appropriate connection to make.
I’m hoping those who see this design get a sense of how beautiful the interweaving of light and shadow can be when seen in Japan’s historical architecture.

About Receiving the Prize:
I’m incredibly happy to have been selected the winner of the Dedegumo prize.
I don’t have any background in product design, so this was a totally new world for me. But I really had a wonderful time participating and creating the design.
A lot of people were kind enough to have a look at my work, and I was really thankful to see that a lot of people on Twitter and Facebook were making comments and saying how much they “LOVE IT!” and so on. I really enjoyed being able to see reactions to so many different creations. Thanks to everyone involved.

>>shichigoro’s artworks

Judge’s Review

This work was especially original, and had a certain something about it that we haven’t yet seen in our works at Dedegumo. It really is a revolutionary concept. In particular, notice the monochrome coloring and the way the circular face is combined with the square frame. Also of note are the hands, and the way that lines are used in the design. When I saw all these things combined, I was truly awed, and could only think to myself, “Wow, these are really some new techniques we’re seeing here.” From the first time I saw it, I thought it was quite nice, and then after the submissions were finished as well, I thought it was the most attractive out of all of them. It was an easy selection for me to make. Thank you very much.
―From Izumo of Dedegumo

Loftwork Prize
KAWAII_Asa-no-ha pattern
designed by Midori

Creator’s Comment
Since the overarching category was “Japan”, which is rather broad by itself, I wanted to see what would happen if I took some of the mood of Kyoto, where Dedegumo is located, and then added a bit of the flavor of traditional Japanese clothing accessories. The source for the idea came from a woman’s coin purse. I was aiming to make something that was relatively simple and retro enough that it would fit with Japanese-style dress, like a kimono.

It was a really fun undertaking, and constantly being able to see a range of new design angles was really a learning experience for me.
Being awarded this prize is like a dream for me. Thank you very much.

>>Midori’s artworks

Judge’s Review
What really made an impression were the coin purse-style loops for the watch strap and the asymmetric face. Whether the watch is paired with long sleeves or even with a kimono, the face is situated in such a way that it is easily visible. Just as the designer’s concept was to create a watch that would go well with Japanese traditional clothing, this is an endearing watch design that elicits the romance of the Taishō period in Japanese history (note to readers: the Taishō period lasted from 1912 to 1926). The texture, placement, and size of the face all work together to give the design that extra something. When we create the commercial version of this watch, we hope to pay special attention to the details of this design.
―From Kitashima and Hamada of Loftwork

Honorable Mention Recipients

Honorable Mentions were awarded to those creators who approached the competition with particular zeal or ambition, and whose designs were exceptionally creative. Each winner will receive a handmade watch from Dedegumo as an award.

*These designs will not be turned into commercial products

Eiji Toida

Judge's Review
We received quite a few carefully thought-out designs in which one could truly see an affection for watches. While we at Dedegumo are unable to craft actual watches from these designs this time out, we are hoping that this will come to pass at some point in the future.
―From Izumo of Dedegumo


Judge's Review
We got a large number of really creative designs. We tip our caps to the sheer number of ideas that were elicited.
―From Izumo of Dedegumo



Judge's Review
The design here is of course quite lovely, but what really made it a unique concept were the overlapping circles and the crisscrossing straps.
―From Kitashima and Hamada of Loftwork



Judge's Review
Even though it is clearly a Japan-inspired design, it's also quite stylish. It seems like it would work very well as a fashion accessory.
―From Kitashima and Hamada of Loftwork

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