Call for Submissions of Beautiful Moments of Japan: the watch more Japan project

*Entries are closed.

The winners will get invitation to Hong Kong exhibition held in September 2012!

Loftwork.com is putting out a call for wristwatch designs. The theme is “beautiful moments of Japan.” Beautiful moments of Japan are to be found hidden within individual memories,experiences, and feelings of yearning and within yet unrealized dreams.

Creating wristwatches with your designs will be the watchmakers dedegumo, who are based in the ancient capital of Kyoto, with its high concentration of Japanese culture.

Think freely in designing the “beautiful moments of Japan” that each of you come up with, while making use of the “flavor” of the handmade watches produced by dedegumo.


About dedegumo’s watches

Dedegumo is a small watchmaking workshop as well as an independent shop in Kyoto.

Dedegumo artisans use materials such as brass, aluminum, and leather to create original watches by hand. The motif for dedegumo’s watch designs includes a natural aesthetic that evokes images of Japan’s changing seasons, retro-Showa styles (from the period in Japan from 1926-1989), the cosmos, and others.

The charm of dedegumo watches is, to say the least, in their toy chest-like, enjoyable designs
that bring excitement just from looking at them and in the individuality that is typical of their artisanal handiwork, which appears in every single aspect of the watches. They are also popular by virtue of their warm-textured materials that make them feel in some ways like nostalgic antiques.

In 2011, dedegumo opened a franchise store in New York. Since then, the watches designed with the unique world view of these Japanese artisans have generated significant interest, being picked up on by many local New York newspapers as well as design and fashion media and the like.

Witnessing such a reaction in New York, dedegumo founder Mr. Izumo decided this year for the first time to exhibit at an overseas international trade fair. That fair is the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair taking place September this year.

We are planning for the designs accepted in this project to be exhibited at that international exhibition.
After that, we plan for them to become products to be sold in Japan, New York, as well as at overseas shops planned to open in the future. In addition, we will invite the creators of the accepted designs to the watch exhibition that will take place in Hong Kong.

So, might we use your designs to realize dedegumo’s hopes of gaining more worldwide acceptance for Japanese craftsmanship and design?

View dedegumo’s portfolio
dedegumo’s blog can be found here (external site)

What are beautiful moments of Japan?

What kinds of things would be beautiful moments typical of Japan? We came up with several examples, so we will introduce them here. And please do not restrict yourselves to these examples but rather feel free make watch designs that fill the canvas with your own unique conceptions expressing the beauty of Japan and beauty in the style of Japan.

For example…

The everlasting moments spent living inside a small flowerpot, of bonsai, which finds fascination
around the world.

Breathing a sigh of relief over a cup of tea. Times of sweet happiness that give color to the
changing seasons.

Times of relaxation and social exchange while savoring bath-house “iki” (aesthetic or “chic”)
such as tile mosaics and “no-ren” (welcoming curtains placed across entrances of shops and

Unspoiled landscapes that sustain everyone's diet and activity. The long months and years that
lie hidden in the vast earth that has coexisted with people.

Cities of crowded skyscrapers. Exciting times with a variety of people and things circulating at
high speed.

Diverse pictograms that transcend the generations to be inherited by great houses. The weight
of history that runs in families.

Outline for Applications

● Project name:

Watch more Japan project – design beautiful moments of Japan.

● Type of submission requested:

Designs for handmade watches with the theme “beautiful moments of Japan”.

4/27 (Fri.) – 5/31 (Thu.)

● Prizes

dedegumo Prize
Prize Item
・ Watch based on the accepted design
・ Invitation to Hong Kong exhibition (2 nights and 3 days during 9/5-9 2012. According to schedule of winner’s ability to participate.)

Special Perk
・ Commercialization of the accepted design
 * Provided that it will be markted under the dedegumo brand and sold by izumosenco Co., Ltd.

loftwork Prize
Prize Item
・ Watch based on the accepted design
・ dedegumo workshop experience tour (1 night and 2 days trip to Kyoto)

Special Perk
・ Commercialization of the accepted design
 * Provided that it will be marketed under the dedegumo brand and sold by izumosenco Co. Ltd.

For both prizes, if after commercialization and sales by izumosenco Co., Ltd. at dedegumo stores, the web shop, and client shops nationwide, a design clears a prescribed sales amount, we will commission a second design and pay a design fee for that design.

●How to submit:

In this public call for submissions we are collecting works in an open competition format using awrd.com’s portfolio system.
Click “How to submit” below and follow the instructions at the link to produce your design and enter the competition.


Please ask here about “the watch more Japan project”.

Organizer:  izumisenco Co., Ltd 
Co-Organizer:  loftwork Inc.


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