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Support power saving this summer with your design

As we approach summer, it is necessary to be creative in cooling ourselves off while saving power.

While thinking about ways to cool off without using energy, loftwork focused the Japanese fan known as ‘uchiwa.’

This tool has been used by Japanese people from centuries ago as a way to beat the heat, and if it can be fun to use, it should help to survive the upcoming power saving summer!

Therefore, as the second installment of the “OFF Project”, which invites creativity in power saving efforts, we are taking submissions for original uchiwa designs from all of you, the creators!

Details for this project:

・Submissions should be a cool uchiwa or uchiwa with a fun design so that everyone will want to use it.

・All designs will be posted as free downloadable content.

・Particularly popular designs will actually be made into uchiwas by loftwork, and the submitter will be sent 20 fans as a gift.

・We will approach the media, companies, and celebrities who share the same view of “OFF Project” to promote these works of art and project efforts.

Through this project, we would like to portray the message of “Having fun while saving power throughout the hot summer!” all across Japan!

Deadline: By 5 P.M., July 7 (Thu.)

UCIWA Collections

Let’s show up the Uchiwa designs which we recommend! >>More

ふーふーパンダ(緑) by しんじろう


花柄 by 小山マルシェ

Marche Ono

甘冷/オモテ by キクモトキョウコ

Kyoko Kikumoto

うみのでっかいおまえたち by 征シロー


Power Management Japan_うみなみ by studioAzarashi


The South Pole by 琴弦みつ

Mitsu Kotogen

Participating in the project

* Contents are available for download to all.
* You must be registered on awrd.com to submit a design. Click here to register.

How to use uchiwa designs

Here are examples of how to use the uchiwa designs!

Personal Use
Business/Organization Use
Spread the word through Twitter・Facebook
Print out the uchiwa design you like and paste it on an uchiwa and enjoy your hand-made “redesigned uchiwa”.
Why not make a few more to give to friends or family?
Hand out cute uchiwas within your company and you may barely notice the power saving temperature setting on the air-conditioner!
Designs under the Creative Commons License with consent for commercial use may be used as novelties.
You can relay the UCHIWA message and spread the word to many people by tweeting it or talking about it on Facebook.
Those who have submitted entries or found a cool design should tweet with the hashtag #uchiwa!

How to create a redesigned uchiwa

Here are simple instructions for making a “redesigned uchiwa”!

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