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Winner revealed! The design that will be produced as the “Shodo Island T-shirt” this spring is…

In the “Shodo Island Open Creation Project: Island T-shirt,” entries were sought for an open competition for a design for the “Shodo Island T-shirt,” which connects people involved in local design and ideas of ways to stimulate activities on the island using this T-shirt. Out of 140 entries, the four prize-winners are announced after fair and rigorous selection by the judges.

>>>> Shodo Island Open Creation Project: Island T-shirt selection criteria can be found here

“Project Island T-shirt” Panel of Judges

Noboru Tsubaki

Keiko Kuroshima

Tadahiro Inoue

Houdai Manabe

Chiaki Hayashi

* Due to unforeseen circumstances, the representative of Loft Work, Koyo Suwa was not able to participate. Therefore, Chiaki Hayashi, also a representative of Loft Work judged on the panel in his place.

The judging meeting (At Loft Work Karasuma Office)


Shiroubee“Shodo Island Lunar World Trip”

Old tsukudani (Japanese stewed, preserved food) artisans and the youths, who are passing down the art of tsukudani making to the future, fly to the moon one day. What awaited them….? Taking inspiration from photographs of Shodo Island, I suggested a very unique idea that makes an impression, with 13 T-shirts telling a story set in a tsukudani factory and the moon.
>>>>Go to Shiroubee’s Portfolio

Judge’s Comments

Shodo Island is an innovative island that trusts someone like myself with large projects. This work represents the feeling of intense anticipation of the art project that is about to commence. This has given me one more reason to look forward to visiting Shodo Island. It would be great if Shirobee could design T-shirts modelled on the mayor of Shodo Island too. (Mr. Tsubaki)

Shodo Island has many individuals with strong personalities who can attract just as much attention as official local mascot characters. I have always thought it would be good to promote these people externally. I hope that the winning work can lead to T-shirts and stories that reflect these personalities that are so unique to Shodo island. (Ms. Kuroshima)

Before the panel meeting, I didn’t think that such an innovative design would win, but as I spent more time looking at it, I gradually became attached to it. It has been traditional to choose the safe option in local development projects, but as represented by this T-shirt, I hope this tradition will change in a good way. (Mr. Inoue)

I’m glad that we held an open competition as the chosen design wouldn’t have ordinarily been created out of usual product orders or just by the people local to the island. I believe that this will be an exceptional T-shirt that is unique to this island. I can’t wait to wear this T-shirt. (Mr. Manabe)

Sometimes, innovation comes from something that looks slightly strange at first sight. Shodo island is a place where an interesting project is starting, and we don’t know what’s going to come out of it. For this reason, I felt that this individual and bold T-shirt would be perfect. (Hayashi)

Judge’s Special Prize


With these T-shirts, the wearers spell out the word “Sho-Do-Shima” (Shodo Island) together. As the T-shirts go on sale, the “Shodo Island Photo Competition” will be held. I suggested compiling a guidebook with the entries of the competition.
>>Go to zuca’s portfolio

Judge’s Comments

This is very high quality design that mixes in imagery of the island’s specialities with the typography of the word “Sho”-”Do”-”Island,” giving a simple and elegant result. It shows the diversity and kindness of the island and has a handmade feel. It does not rely on gimmicks so it feels like you could wear it for a long time. (Mr. Tsubaki)

Hideyuki Tarumi ”The people who make Shodo Island”

This design is based on the designer’s own visit to Shodo Island. The illustrations are inspired by the island, and the wooden soy sauce pails that the artisans put their heart and soul into on Shodo island. These give a friendly impression, and the words “Shodo Island” on the back send a bold message.
>> Go to Hideyuki Tarumi’s portfolio

Judge’s Comments

The island floating in the soy sauce pail is an image that is simple to understand and it is cute like “Hyokkori Hyoutan Island ”(A Japanese children’s puppet show based on an island). When people from outside the island wear this and it says “Someone from Shodo Island” or “A Shodo Island person” on the back, it will be entertaining, and will be a talking point (Mr. Tsubaki)

It will be fun if you wear this outside the island because it will be like a “walking poster” promoting Shodo Island. (Mr. Manabe)


BOW WORKS ”The big ocean pocket”

This T-shirt is characterized by the large pocket on the front in the shape of waves. I designed a cute T-shirt that can be worn naturally by both residents and visitors of the island.
>>Go to BOW WORKS’ portfolio

Judge’s Comments

For people from Shodo Island, it’s slightly embarrassing to wear a T-shirt that promotes Shodo Island very obviously. I like the design, which has a lot of blank space and can be worn by people from the island without worrying about feeling embarrassed. I think it would be lovely if each person cut the blue pockets into the shape of the wave they want, and stood along the beach wearing them. (Ms. Kuroshima)

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