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Come join us on February 23 for the “Pinterest is Booming!” Conference!


How to leverage Pinterest in your creative works

So, you have heard of Pinterest, right? Let me guess—you’re a Pinner too? If you have already jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, you will know that Pinterest is an online image sharing service. It works just like a digital scrapbook where users can bookmark their favorite images online.

Pinterest already has a whopping 50 million users worldwide, and is set to really take off in Japan as well. In the U.S., where Pinterest originated, it is often described as the most popular service among females, but it is also a great tool for those working in the creative industries.

That’s why Loftwork.com is hosting a conference on how to fully leverage Pinterest in one’s creative endeavors. The conference will cover topics such as how to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration for your creative works or project planning, as well as how to use the service for branding or website promotions. We will be covering uses for Pinterest that you already know about, and uses that you would never have imagined!

The main guest for the event will be creative director, Toshiya Fukuda, who has written a book about the ways he uses Pinterest. He will be joined by other creators in the spotlight including illustrator, Akiko Hiramatsu, as well as expert pinners in an array of fields. Everyone is welcome at the event—everyone from pinaholics who can’t live with Pinterest to new pinners who are just getting started! Everyone is welcome!

Special Guests:

#Click on the photo to see the guests’ Pinterest boards!

Toshiya Fukuda

Toshiya Fukuda

(777 Interactive, CEO / Creative Director)

hiramatsu akiko

Akiko Hiramatsu

(Fashion Illustrator)

Yukie Arai

Yukie Arai

(Sugar Art by Tokyo)

HIS Tange-san

Yoichirou Tange


Ami Matsuzawa

Ami Matsuzawa

(Pinterest Community Manager )

Ryoko Iwasaki

Ryoko Iwasaki

(Loftwork.com Editor)















Recommended for:

◎This event is recommended for anyone and everyone involved in the creative industries.
(Illustrators, designers, web designers, web directors, planners, etc.)
◎It is also recommended for anyone interested in Pinterest.



  • ◎What is Pinterest? Your boards are a window to your heart! (Toshiya Fukuda)
  • ◎Leverage Pinterest as creative input (Talk session with Toshiya Fukuda and Guest Panelists)
  • ◎The best kept secrets on leveraging Pinterest in promotions (Talk session with Toshiya Fukuda and Guest Panelists)
  • ◎Reception (Until 22:00)


Event Details and How to Sign Up


February 23 (Monday) 19:30 – 21:30 (Doors open 19:15)


Loftwork Lab



1500 JPY (Incl. 1 Free Drink)


50 people (Entrance on first-comes-first basis)

How to sign up:

To sign up, please fill in this form.

Hosted by:


Supported by:

Pinterest Japan


Please direct all inquiries here.

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