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Sketch Event “PauseDraw at Loftwork” Report

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Calling for entries! Let’s show each other our hand-drawn sketches! 「Sketch Project」 (Deadline: 2014 May 18th)

On Sunday, April 6th we held an event called “PauseDraw at Loftwork” where we all got together and drew. It took place at the Loftwork Lab, an event space on the 10th floor of a building overlooking Shibuya.

PauseDraw is a “networking & drawing” event that illustrators Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan hold in Tokyo on an irregular basis. This time awrd.com participated as an organiser, planned and ran the event together with the illustrators.

Forty people participated in the event consisting mainly of illustrators and designers, but also there were some people who normally don’t draw. After gathering at the venue and getting a quick brief, everyone walked out onto the streets to draw. After a couple of hours they came back together and presented their work to the rest of the attendees.

I’d like to photo-report to show how exciting and lively it was that day.



Luis and Adrian, PauseDraw founders. They said: “The important part is the drawing process, not the output. Just enjoy!”



As long as he has time and space to open his sketchbook, Adrian sketches people in Tokyo whenever and wherever. This illustration describes people who wear masks around town. For Adrian who came from Australia, it seems striking to see people with masks in Japan.



STAEDTLER JAPAN provided sets of drawing supplies for this event. A complete set of pencils, watercolor pencils, brush-pencils, a sketchbook, etc. It was also a great opportunity to try new instruments that one may have never used before.



After the briefing, out to Shibuya. LET’S GO!



Sketching at the Saigoyama Park nearby. Right during the cherry blossom picnic season (but it began to rain a little…).



Some people sketched with an umbrella in the rain.



A man kept singing while playing his guitar in the rain. A participant Kept drawing while soaking wet just to sketch this scene.



While some people were getting soaked in the rain, there were also people who enjoyed a warm café. The girl on the left was drawing someone just in front of her,but without looking at her sketchbook.



If you draw without looking at the paper, you’ll have this kind of avant-garde piece. Give it a try.


Some people remained at the venue and drew the surrounding cluster of buildings.



A very colorful cluster city landscape. It made me happy when I saw this colourful drawing under the overcast weather.



Sketching the capital freeway. A person drawing a picture is perfect for a picture.



Having a great time showing one’s work to others while drawing. Most people had never met each other, but they immediately opened up and click! There was a warm and friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.



At the end, each participant presented his/her work in front of everyone.




She focused on people with umbrellas in town. How amazing to be able to quickly draw this many people!



A sketch of hotel signs in a love motel alley in Shibuya!



The scenery of a café that kept him sheltered from the rain. Out in the town or inside a store it doesn’t matter. Usually end up drawing everything in sight anyway.



A sketch of capital freeway ended up like this.


A participant’s father was able to join us unexpectedly as he happened to be visiting Japan from the U.S.



Someone focused on drawing variations of our sponsor STAEDTLER’s company logo! This kind of sidetrack was quite fun and unexpected



The venue was filled with excitement even after the event was over, and participants enjoyed interacting with one another.
Participants came from different backgrounds including those who drew pictures for the first time since elementary school, those who love drawing even if their jobs have nothing to do with drawing, and those who haven’t drawn on paper since they usually draw pictures using computers.

From sketch beginners to veterans, it was truly fascinating to watch people with various backgrounds simply keep drawing in silence.

We normally neglect many details of our surroundings. Drawing helps you notice the unnoticed. The next time you think about snapping a photo with your phone camera, try to draw it instead with pen and paper. Rewarding feeling is guaranteed

You can view photos of the event through Flickr.


(Yurika Sasaki, Loftwork)

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