My Site Design Award 2011


Creator websites. Please show us your ideas.

Illustrators, web designers, 3D designers, interior designers… Loftwork has a wide range of creators that exceeds 15,000 members.

Currently, many of our creators have their own companies or personal websites and are involved in some form in the website.

Several years ago, a site using the latest web designer technology and knowledge might have been the most relevant. However, today the possibilities of the web have expanded and these sites are more commonly serving the role of providing people with creative ability and happiness.

Easy-to-use interfaces and beautiful coding by web designers, contexts that wrap up visitors in a single world-view by illustrators, daily updated blogs by copyrighters; comparing them may be nonsense but we creators, and those around us who like creative things, would like to try once to gather those who think “this site is great”.

The key to this sort of idea is that Loftwork is planning on holding a My Site Design Award 2011. We of course welcome individual creators, but also corporate production and design companies to attend as well.

To apply, just take and send a screen capture of your site. Through these awards, we hope that the fun and enjoyment of creator websites will reach a larger audience. When viewing submitted pieces, please don’t hesitate to click the Like button on Facebook when you come across a site design that strikes your fancy.

How to Submit a Work

・Submit the screen capture of your site as a portfolio tagged as ” mysite “.
・When there is a URL for a submitted work, please enter it in the comment section.
・Please note in the comment section any particular things such as FLASH, etc.

How to Vote

Please press the Like button that is displayed at the top during mouse over on each item.
・Votes are not limited to one per person. If there are several sites that you like, feel free to vote for all of them.
・The results of voting will be used as an important index for selecting popular works.

About the Award

Winners will be selected from the Top 20 most popular works.

Grand Prize (1 person)
Prize: “Loftwork×INFOBAHN Creator Charity T-shirt” + “Roooots Tasty Selection Gift

Runner-Up Prize (1 person)
Prize: “Roooots Tasty Selection Gift

Honorable Mention Prize (1 person)
Prize: “Roooots Tasty Selection Gift
*The Honorable Mention Prize will be selected by a guest judge.
*Prizes presented will be gift sets carefully selected by our staff (please leave t-shirt design, gift contents, etc. up to us).

Entry Deadline

Until 3 p.m. on August 1, 2011.

[Application Terms]
・Applicants shall acknowledge that images and text used when applying may be used without permission by Loftwork Co., Ltd. for the purpose of advertising this project.
・Inquiries regarding selection results will not be responded to.
・Facebook is in no way associated with the holding or operation of this project.

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