Strange Creatures? – Monsters and Creatures Artwork Feature

Artwork by Jerky

Is that an imaginary animal or a life form born by the whim of God?

With Halloween approaching, Loftwork.com has decided to unearth and present “strange creatures” that do not fit existing biological categories.

This feature will be running from October 12th through November 1st.

We’d love you to submit works related to this theme to Loftwork.com’s portfolio during this time! Outstanding or unique works will be presented on the home page of our site and on out social accounts.


About Creation of the Day & Week

CREATION OF THE DAY is a project where Loftwork.com’s editorial department unearths and curates a work fitting this theme created by creatives like yourselves. We’ll disseminate each work widely through SNS. Our staff will seek out excellent works—not only from newly submitted works but also from past submissions–and will present them on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Selected works will appear for one week on Loftwork.com’s home page, and the most popular work and its creator will also be featured in CREATION OF THE WEEK corner for the entire duration of the following week.

If you want your works to be seen by more people, do take this opportunity to show your works in our portfolio.


1. Unearthing of “Strange Creatures” works and their presentation on Pinterest

Our staff will unearth “strange creatures” artworks—the monsters and creatures that are the theme of this project—from awrd.com’s vast portfolio and pin them to our 《Monster & Creature Images》board on Pinterest.

Follow Loftwork.com’s board Monster&Creature Images on Pinterest.


2.Posting eight works on Loftwork.com’s home page

Each week we will post eight pieces from works that fit this feature’s theme on Loftwork.com’s home page. We will also present these works on Loftwork.com’s official Facebook page and Twitter account.



3.Featuring the most popular work on CREATION OF THE WEEK

From among the works presented each week, the piece that is viewed by the most number of people and that gets the most Love it! hits
will be presented in large format on our home page for the entire duration of the following week as the CREATION OF THE WEEK.





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