MeMO Design Competition

We are gathering desktop memo template designs that also convey fun

At awrd.com, we provide a download function as one method for connecting the works of our creators with the people who need them. Through this function, a variety of creations such as PC wallpaper and design tumblers change hands and are actually being used somewhere in the world.

At loftwork, we have put together several projects up until now in order to get users to use this download function. Now, as a more lifestyle-related and convenient creation, we would like to gather “template designs for independent phone memos”.

By simply printing out and folding along the guide, you can make independent phone memos on your office desk or tabletop. (→How to use )
Use it for conveying telephone messages, writing in ToDo lists, messages to your family when going out, etc. We ask you to please submit wonderful template designs that will make someone feel a little happier when using them.

The phone memo template with the most downloads from all those submitted will receive the “MeMO Design Competition Grand Prize”!

How to create

1: Download the format for the phone memo pad from the URL below and create an original template design in the in the area with green diagonal lines on the right of the image.
The size of the piece should be A4(L:210mm × W:297mm) with a resolution of around 200~300dpi. Please submit the final file in jpg format.

jpg :

2: Finished works will be displayed after logging into lofwork.com. Please upload them from the “My downloads” page from the black menu at the top of the page. When uploading, be sure to input ” memodesign ” in the tag box.
Please set your Creative Commons license settings from the “Advanced settings” so that many people will be able to use and spread your work.

How to use

1: Please download artwork from the “Download” button at the bottom of the artwork page.
While it’s free to use, please send a message to the artist using the comment box that appears when downloading!
2: Try your hand at making a memo pad using the above images as a reference.

Entry deadline

November 14,2011

Work list

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