Create Your Halloween Project

Let’s Reinvent Halloween!

Have you ever wondered when people started celebrating Halloween?

Around September, Halloween imagery starts popping up all over town: Jack-o’-lanterns, bats, skulls, spider webs, not to mention popular monsters like witches, Dracula, mummies, and Frankenstein.
The world transforms into a dark realm painted black and orange. That’s how Halloween normally looks.

Isn’t that kind of lame?

It’s not like there’s some law that says you have to celebrate Halloween by putting pumpkins out.
Couldn’t Halloween be even more fun if some creative people put some effort into it?
Let’s tear down the traditional image of Halloween and show the world what our Halloween looks like!

That’s why we’re running a “Create Your Halloween Project” on Loftwork. We want your ideas for new Halloween monsters to put in our new iPhone app!

We came up with this project by approaching the problem through three different methods:

1. Celebrate Halloween more freely

Why not use Japanese monsters? It doesn’t have to be pumpkins!
I don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s image of Halloween. I want to create my own, original image for Halloween.

Why meat? No real reason.

I wanna celebrate Halloween too!

2. More colorfully

The image of Halloween you see around town is a sea of black and orange.
But that’s boring. I want a more colorful Halloween!

3. More openly

What’s something creative that people who aren’t good at drawing or are too embarrassed to dress up in a costume can still enjoy? That’s it! Let’s make a coloring app! (Maybe that was a bit forced…)

Recruiting drawings of new Halloween monsters!

designed by hoxaigraphics

We’re looking for designs (line art) for original monsters to include in our Halloween-themed iPhone app “color my monster” to be released by Loftwork. In total, we’re planning on including about 15 or 20 monsters. Each drawing will be displayed along with the creator’s name and the Creative Commons License BY-NC.
We’re planning on releasing the app for free through the AppStore around the middle of October.

If you would like your drawing to be included in this app, please follow the submission rules below and upload your original monster design using My Downloads on awrd.com.
* A Loftwork account is required to participate in this project. Click here to register (registration and use of the site are completely free).

Submission Rules

● The drawing should be black line art only in a PNG with a transparent background sized 640×640 and 326 dpi (see left image).
● Only one character per drawing, please.
● When uploading your image, use My Downloads and add the halloweenchara tag.
● Select the Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial) option. 

Please upload your image as a PNG with a transparent background.

Since people will have to paint with their fingers, make sure your drawing isn't too complex! (This is an image of the app)

This is how the app is structured. What we want from you is the uppermost layer: the line art. When painting in the app, the color will be applied below the line art.


Dec. 14, 2011

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