The Five Prize Winners from the Halloween Art Show!!!

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Which of these tricky artists gets a treat?

At our “Halloween Art Show!!!”, we collected artwork with a Halloween theme. We will announce the prize winners now! Out of a field of 94 pieces, only these 5 were selected. Which of the unique artworks were chosen to win a victory treat?


Grand Prize

Yumie Ogawa “Trick_01” “Trick_02” “Trick_03”




Editor’s comment

Cute but eerie, this was the piece with the most power and impact. If you line up all 3 it’s even more fun.

Trick or Treat Prize

norizco “Seen and Unseen Worlds”

Editor’s comment

At first glance you might think it’s just a simple cutout, but the trick the artist has pulled on us with the long and narrow format of the image is really something. The way anyone can tell what’s going on with just one look is really great storytelling, too.

Special Prizes

Alessandro Bioletti “Trick or treat”

Editor’s comment

This one has a special worldly feel to it. It makes you wonder if somewhere in the world, in a jungle like this one, Halloween is celebrated this way. There are also many carefully drawn fine details, which make the picture rewarding even on repeated viewing.

Morisu Maki “HW”

Editor’s Comments

At first this image seems so cute and sexy! But actually, the maggots on her belly, and the way her mouth has been torn open and stitched back together are too grotesque to even look at (just kidding). This image is the perfect balance of cute and unsettling, and has a real presence to it.

Tsuyuko “trick or treat?”

Editor’s comment

If I got a greeting card like this one on Halloween, I’d be very happy. Taking the theme of “Halloween” in such a cute direction is really fresh and new.

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