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Drawing To Go – Grab a cup of coffee and draw!


Drawing To Go – Grab a cup of coffee and draw!

Sketch a cafe scene and bring to life the sounds, aromas, and sensations.

Cafes are frequented by folks from all walks of life. They are gathering spots for a myriad of people such as creators, artists, makers and engineers. Cafes are where communities are formed and where relationships and cultures are born.


Drawing to Go, an initiative driven by Tokyo-based illustrator Mariya Suzuki, invites people to draw illustrations and portraits on paper coffee cups that cafes use for take-out orders. This paper cup art of everyday cafe scenes has online media in abuzz with excitement.


FabCafe, which is a favorite among coffee-loving creators, is holding drawing events at all of its locations around the globe (Tokyo, Barcelona, Taipei and Bangkok) calling on people to draw illustrations on their empty take-out paper coffee cups. The cup art will be showcased at FabCafe locations and also online.


Why not try your hand at drawing on a paper coffee cup? Sketch the café scene and bring to life the sounds, aromas, and sensations there, as well as portraits of other cafe-goers.


About Drawing To Go (Message from Mariya Suzuki)

When I was still in school, I used to hang out at local coffee shops with my friends. One day I noticed how plain the paper cup was. Naturally, I was inspired to draw what was in front of me. What I draw on a cup is what surrounds me. Though I am in the center of the scene that wraps around me, the same scene ends up on the outer surface of the cup as I draw on it. In the end, the scene wraps around the coffee inside. This phenomena fascinates me every time. I drink coffee everyday. I enjoy it alone and with company. It’s an essential part of my life, and at the same time, plays an important role of connecting me and people. Drawing my everyday life comes very natural and is important to me, and it makes a lot of sense that I do it with coffee. It’s a familiar exercise, but also a special one. I think sharing that experience with other people will be nice just as sharing some time over coffee. (Photo by Luis Mendo) 

Mariya Suzuki
Mariya was born in Nara and studied illustration in Long Beach, California. She currently works as an illustrator in Tokyo. She has contributed her work for many musicians, food professionals and publishers from around the world. Aside from work, she enjoys going around town to draw subjects whose shape or story catches her attention.http://www.mariyasketch.com/



Event details

Date: October 10th 13:00-17:00
Fee: Free (Please order drinks at FabCafe Tokyo)
Venue:FabCafe  Tokyo

◎We’d love to see you all there, especially if you:
-like coffee
-like drawing
-are Illustrators, designers, creators
-would like to meet other creators and creatives

◎What to bring:
Your favorite sketching tools (pencils, sketchbook, etc.)

Get together → Take out your drink(s!) → Enjoy your drinks while talking with others → Draw on the paper cups!

◎How to join the event
Apply from FabCafe.com by clicking “Join”: button.

FabCafe Interior Photo

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