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Event Report “ Drawing To Go – Grab a cup of coffee and draw ! ”


On Saturday, October 10th, we held “Drawing To Go,” a workshop where participants used coffee cups as their canvases.

“Drawing To Go” is a project by illustrator Mariya Suzuki in which sceneries and people are drawn on disposable coffee cups.
What sorts of scenes will appear on the cups, from the eyes of those who gathered at FabCafe?
I’d like to keep that in mind as I present a photo report of the event.



It’s fun to find the scenery that surrounds you wrap back around and be captured along the outside of the cups, Mariya tells us.



Oh, let’s draw each other’s portraits as a warm-up exercise.



The participants, a little nervous at first, open up as they draw each other’s portraits.



Striking resemblances!



After the warm-up, they began to sketch freely. Everyone started to draw various areas of the café in their own way.



Sketching one of the FabCafe staff members at work.



Some participants remained standing as they were focused on their drawing. They all look like they’re having a good time!



Some serious expressions.



Gleeful fun while sipping on marshmallow lattes.



A colorful stripe! It’s fun to see a lot of originality in these works.



During the middle of the event, there was a live performance by special guest LJRich. FabCafe was immersed in the pleasant sounds of electro.




In the second half, some of the participants headed out of the shop and sketched Shibuya.



Mariya also sketched the cityscape.



The buildings of Shibuya trapped in a coffee cup.



Meanwhile the shop was packed with participants, raising the room temperature!



Chatting as they share their work. Strangers quickly close their distance between one another.



Four hours passed by so quickly, and the event drew to a close. Amazingly, over 50 people participated.






Coffee cups of various colors, all lined up. With their different perspectives and ways of expression, each of the cups are unique, and it’s stimulating just looking over them.

Participants young and old, from many different countries and backgrounds, all coming together in a single space and sketching on cups.
It’s a simple idea, but I felt that it was an event that offered a place to share a precious “something” together, invisible to our eyes.
Maybe the participants felt something similar as well.



Mariya, thank you for your hard work!


Exhibit Announcement


At FabCafe, the works by the ”Drawing To Go” participants are currently on display until the 18th. We would be happy if you are able to get a feel for the mood at the event from the rows of coffee cups.

Moreover, at the portfolio site for creators, Loftwork.com, the “Drawing To Go” project is under way until October 31.
Upload your creation online, and share your works with everyone!
Details here→http://www.awrd.com/projects/drawing-to-go/



Coffe cups and pens for sketching are available at the storefront.
When you’re visiting FabCafe, please don’t hesitate to participate in “Drawing To Go.”


In cooporation with
Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.

See more photo from here !!

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