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by murakawa_masato

It’s the 180th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s birth, and a new world of “Alice” is taking applications!

The year 2012 is an important year for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the famous and well-known children’s book. No other novel has been translated so widely, read so often, or loved so much. This year makes the 180th anniversary since the birth of Lewis Carroll, the author who created Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has undergone visualization by many creators. From the cutesy world view offered by Disney, to grotesqueries such as Jan Svankmajer’s work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland holds the power to widen the imagination of creators all over the world. If given over as a challenge to the creators of loftwork, we think a variety of original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlands will be born.

With this hope, we are proud to announce the ”Alice New Visual Project”.

Bring to life one page of the novel on your blog

The “Alice New Visual Project” is not simply a search for illustrators. We’re looking for illustrations which match the text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Please note that the text can be accessed from awrd.com, and thus there is no need to purchase the book.

The submission process utilizes the blog function on awrd.com. When posting your contribution, please insert both text and illustration.

Project outline summary

・We are looking for work based on a limited part of the novel – chapters one through four out of the total 13 chapters in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland .
・Please choose one section from chapters one through four and copy-paste onto your blog.
・Create an illustration fitting your text selection, and insert into the text.
・You can insert multiple illustrations for one text section.
・All contributions are granted a Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA).
・We will select the best works within chapters one through four. Then, as an internet novel, the work will be open to the public on the Loftwork Staff Blog. At the same time, we plan to also make an e-book readable on iPad and iPhone.
・The ”Alice New Visual Project” is uses the translation by Mr. Hiroo Yamagata published on the website ”Project Sugita Genpaku”(CC BY-SA).



3 Mar. 2012


How to post

Step1:Choose the text with which you want to work

Choose a section from chapters one through four of the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that you would like to visualize. The buttons below open pages that list each chapter text and html.

Chapter1: Down the Rabbit-Hole

Chapter2: The Pool of Tears

Chapter3: A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale

Chapter4 The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

Step2:Copy and paste the text to your blog

①1. Login to ,awrd.com and create a new blog. *You can choose your blog title.

2. Change tabs and change the blog editing mode to HTML.

3. Copy the entire section from the chapter you choose.

4. Return to the blog editing page, and paste the chapter text.

Step3: Attach a Creative Commons License

1. In order to attach a Creative Commons License, go to the Creative Commons page and copy the corresponding code. *Clicking on the image automatically opens the Creative Commons License page.

2. Return to the blog editing page and paste the copied license at the end of the text.

Step4: Insert your illustrated work

1. Click the tab and change the blog editing mode from HTML back to Visual.

2. Insert your illustrated work into the corresponding passage in the text.

Step5: Attach the tag and post your blog

1. Copy the tag below and and paste it into the submission tag field and to enter your blog as a submission. Chapter1: alice-chapter1 Chapter2: alice-chapter2 Chapter3: alice-chapter3 Chapter4: alice-chapter4

2. Check the text and inserted illustration for errors in preview, and then submit your blog.

The various visualizations of Alice

photo: CC BY,some rights reserved by whale05

Photo: CC BY,some rights reserved by Coletivo Mambembe

Photo: CC BY,some rights reserved by Yuliya Libkina

Photo: CC BY-SA,some rights reserved by sⓘndy°

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