The Symbol for Futuristic “Thing & Item Creation” is Set – “3*3 LAB” Logo Design Contest Results Announcement

Announcing our choice from the over 100 pieces we received!

Thank you very much to all of you who submitted works to the “3*3 LAB” Logo Design Contest held on awrd.com from November 10, 2011(Thurs.) to December 9, 2011 (Fri.)!

We also reported about the judging panel for submitted designs on our Loftwork staff blog but, in the end, the number of works received exceeded 100 making this a very successful public recruitment.

Now, allow us to introduce the piece selected after countless deliberation and discussions between Mr. Taku Sato and other globally-active designers.


3*3 LAB Logo Design Winning Entry

Designer:nor i co

The green circle represents “nature” and “Earth”.

The yellow represents the 3 in 3R as well as 3 people*.

Through crisscrossing and intersecting, the colors become darker and lead to value creation.

*The 3 people are (corporations/experts/creators)

Evaluation of Mr. Taku Sato, Head Judge

This mark made of three intersecting lines surrounded by a circle appears almost like an area that has been stitched for repair and roundly trimmed.

This mark perfectly symbolizes 3*3 LAB’s way of being where, much like the 20th century, everything isn’t made new and pre-existing materials are re-examined and used carefully. This is truly a wonderful mark that connects to the feeling of “mottainai (waste not, want not)” that all Japanese have.

Furthermore, upon closer inspection of the mark, you can see that the width and space between the three lines vary ever so slightly. This illogical and fine nuance was well received by the judges during evaluation.

However, only this mark didn’t convey the “3*3 LAB” name so all it needs is that to be perfect.

Message from nor i co

By bringing together companies, creators, and experts and exchanging ideas with the 3 ‘R’s in mind, it is possible to create new places, methods, and shapes that were undiscoverable through individual endeavors.

By simply intersecting the chinese character for ‘3’, a new place and shape never before seen was created and it will lead to new endeavors.

These are the sorts of things I tried to express.

I’ll be happy if, through the work of 3*3 LAB, the people who see this logo mark think to themselves, “Wow! If we all work together, we really can make something new!”


Pieces that received high marks from the judges

Of the 100 pieces we received, fifteen pieces remained at the final selection. From those fifteen, these two pieces which received high marks from the judges also were the objects of heated debate and deliberation along with the winning entry.

They received the following comments from the judges!

3*3 LAB Growth & Change Logo

3*3 LAB Logo_Hanamaru

Designer: minna
Judges evaluation:With a large variation, there are an abundance of ways it could be used in projects.
The fact that, depending on where it’s used, the shape itself can be changed is interesting.
Designer: B-ko
Judges evaluation: This piece looks like it could be placed on products like a signature.
Not as a mark but, as a “proof” or “symbol” to signify “something permanent” is this piece interesting.

ロゴが採用されたnor i coさんには、佐藤卓さんはじめプロジェクトメンバーと一緒に、あたらしいロゴがエコバッグはじめ様々な環境プロダクトにつくマークとして、どのような展開の可能性を持っているかを検討していっていただく予定です!

For nor i co whose logo was selected, we are planning to deliberate with Mr. Taku Sato and other project members about what sorts of possible developments exist for the new logo as a mark on eco bags and various other environmental products!

>>3*3 LAB Logo Design Contest

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