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3*3 Lab” research seminar that puts creators, businesses and specialists face-to-face to think about future “monozukuri” and “kotozukuri.” To help expand this initiative, we are now accepting submissions for logo design.

The world is overflowing with things that excite and thrill us every day. These “things that excite and thrill us” come from the minds of creators throughout the world. We share these “thrills” by “liking” and telling others about them. These connections are spread and enjoyed via the internet, without regard to the boundaries of land or country.

On the flip side of enjoyable everyday life, however, we have “environmental” and “resource” issues that simply cannot be ignored.

There are a significant number of campaigns and events that have “Eco” as their theme. Though there are many who are proactively involved in those efforts, there are still many who are not. Regardless whether or not people have interest in the “environment” or “resources,” these are serious issues that will undoubtedly affect us in the future, and are manifesting themselves today, slowly but surely.

So does this mean that we have to be bleak and pessimistic about the future?
Can’t we put a little creative “excitement” into confronting these environmental and resource problems?

New efforts are underway that began with this theme in mind. Its name is “3*3 Lab (three-three lab).” Businesses, creators, and specialists have all three joined together to mold future monozukuri and consumption into one form, surpassing their individual positions to create a laboratory, so to speak.

To go along with the activities of “3*3 Lab,” we are asking creators to come up with a new logo design. Judges, including Taku Sato, will come from a variety of different creative and progressive fields.

“The things that excite us,” which will be born from this laboratory, need a symbol that will connect them to the rest of the world. To those who have (and even those who don’t have) an interest in environmental issues, please stop and take a moment to listen to a message from “3*3 Lab.”

What is “3*3 Lab”?

A laboratory for “Monozukuri” and “Kotozukuri” that is made up of creators, businesses, and specialists from the Marunouchi area.

3*3 Lab” is a laboratory composed mainly of a think-tank of Marunouchi businesses called ECOZZERIA that aims to create a recycling-oriented society, and comes up with ways to advance “monozukuri” and “kotozukuri.” Creators from a variety of areas that make progressive monozukuri, businesses with specialized monozukuri, all join together with other professionals and hold assemblies based on a variety of themes, and work on projects that address a number of fundamental challenges.

>> More details about “3*3 Lab


“3*3 Lab” Logo Design Submission Summary

Welcoming graphic designer Taku Sato as the judging committee chairman, we decided to make an open request for the 3*3 Lab logo design.

Requesting logo designs does not mean we’re just looking for a simple, planar graphic design. We also would like participants to propose how best to express this concept.
This is because we want to change society through the power of the design. Using this logo request as a catalyst, we want to rethink once more what a logo ought to be, and capture something that hasn’t yet been gleaned with existing knowledge.

We would like creators to envision a variety of uses for the finished logo.
There are cases of planar use, such as paper medium, and there are cases where the logo might be affixed to some product; a tag, or a printed mark, for example. Even if the text “3*3 Lab” is not written in its entirety, the logo may still be a symbol for the lab’s activities; one that can be recognized all over the world.

Final designs for the current logo request will be examined by Taku Sato, who may provide additional suggestions. Depending on the situation, we envision a possible collaboration for making revisions. If that happens, we may request additional participation in our projects.
We have not had a design request event before where there was a possibility of advancing to a collaboration stage. We are looking forward to a fantastic logo being picked from a variety of entries, and to the wide variety of ideas and perspectives from the creators out there.

(3*3 Lab Administration Offices)

Submission Time Frame

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 ~ Monday, December 12th, 2011

Selection benefits

● Plans are to use the selected logo design on the 3*3 Lab web site, link banner, open seminars and other events, environmental projects, and “Mono・Koto” created within projects.
● Selected design and its creator will be introduced on the 3*3 Lab official site and awrd.com.


・No requirements for presentation (expression possible using just a mark).
・No requirements for presence/absence of logo mark.
・Add black one-color expression pattern.
・No requirements for data format (format other than Adobe Illustrator possible).


Anyone is eligible to participate

* Submissions to awrd.com require registration with the site (free of charge). Register here.
* Please feel free to create something special!

Judging Standards

1. Design matches the 3*3 Lab concept.
2. Design can have a wide number of uses – web, paper media, products.


Sei Inoue(secretary‐general of ECOZZERIA)
Taku Sato (Taku Sato Design Offices)
Sadao Tsuchitani (Kurashi no Ryohin Research Institute)
Chiaki Hayashi (loftwork Representative Director)
Fumikazu Masuta (Tokyo Zokei College Professor)


・・For inquiries about how to submit, please go here

Sponsors: 3*3 Lab / Cooperation from: loftwork

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