2012/11/30 UPDATE


Service 2012/11/30

Share your work and make original books through “ReClip”!

We are thrilled to announce that Loftwork.Inc has started a new web service “Reclip” on November 29th, 2012.

With ReClip you can collect your favorite original images to create your very own collection. When creators publish a work, people that like it “Clip!” it, and become fans by adding the work to their collection. Fans collect images as “editors” and make their own personal Books. By sharing these Books they can connect with other fans.

It’s easy to create Books online and it’s free too!

You can register for ReClip on Facebook or Twitter. Creators can share collections of their work while fans can be editors by collecting the works of their favorite creators in Books.

Connect with Clip!

When you find a work you like, Clip! it and you can follow that creator. You can also Clip! Books so creators can connect with editors through their works, and editors can connect with other fans through through their Books.By rule of Creative Commons, ensure that the names of the creators and clips are clearly stated in the works to be shared.

Getting more fans.

You can collect images and make Books with “Credits”, the ReClip currency. When a fan Clip!s your work or Book, you receive credits that you can use to collect new images and Books.