2013/11/02 UPDATE


Event 2013/11/02

Exhibition of You Fab 2013 winners! 11/1-15 at FabCafe Tokyo


For details on the You Fab 2013 prizewinner exhibition, click here
For details on the 11/13 speaking event & party all about paper, click here

You Fab 2013 prize winner exhibition (11/1 – 11/15)

You Fab is a design contest in which people make things with a laser cutter. In our You Fab 2013 event held in the summer of this year, we asked people to send in ideas for paper-based toys, greeting cards, and party clothes & accessories, receiving a total of 78 entries from all over the world.

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From 11/1 – 11/15, we are displaying the prizewinning works from You Fab 2013 in FabCafe Tokyo.
Laser cutters are capable of more detailed work than scissors or utility knives and can easily handle any kind of paper. Experience the new potential of paper through these award-winning works.

They’re on display to the right of the entrance! Try touching them with your own hands.

You Fab 2013 Presents

11/13 speaking event & party all about paper


On Nov. 13th, we’re holding a party and speaking event to congratulate the prizewinners of You Fab 2013 and talk about the new possibilities for paper and laser cutters.
Our main guest speakers for this event will be You Fab 2013 judges, including designer Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER), Yuichi Takeo (Managing Director of Takeo Co., Ltd.), and Chiaki Hayashi (Representative Director of Loftwork)! They will discuss new ways of using paper and design possibilities that have come about through the convergence of paper and laser cutters. We’ll also hear about the ideas they’ve come up with by serving as judges in this contest regarding creative communities and the future of fabrication.

Picture from last year’s You Fab 2012 awards party

Plus, the award ceremony for You Fab 2013 will be held during the event! You’ll have the chance to see, touch, and play with the creations of our prizewinners who are so full of unique ideas, including a toy utilizing the phenomenon of color interference, beautiful three-dimensional cards, and a wig that you just can’t help but laugh at. We’ll also have lightning talks by our prizewinning creators about paper. We hope to see you there for a fun-packed evening meeting up with and talking to people about paper.


▽ Program outline

● Discussion event led by Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER), Yuichi Takeo, and Chiaki Hayashi
● Lightning talks: All about paper! (By You Fab prizewinning creators)
● You Fab 2013 award ceremony (Award winners: Ryoichi Ogura, Masatoshi Oka , Nishigakiuchi

▽Recommended for people in any of the following categories!

★ Product designers and graphic designers
★ People who like products made of paper
★ People interested in making things out of paper
★ People interested in design & make, etc.
★ People who want to come see FabCafe
★ People who want to network with creators