2015/01/30 UPDATE


Service 2015/01/30

New Top Page and Creative Works Search

On January 29th, 2015, we released a new version of our site’s top page, as well as the creative works search improvement under Portfolios and Downloads.

So what’s new?

There are two objectives to this new update:
・Launch of “Creation of the Week” – a large feature for introducing creators on the top page.
・Improved functionality for easier searches on Portfolios/Downloads.

Launch of the New “Creation of the Week” Corner

Creation of the Week

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new “Creation of the Week”. From Monday to Sunday, it calculates the number of views and Love it votes of the portfolio works introduced on the top page. The creator with the most popular work is then featured during the following week.

*The “Staff Picks” has now been renamed to “Creation of the Day.”

*Artworks that are selected for “Creation of the Day,” as well as the ones that have been selected as “Staff Picks” in the past, will display a label just like before.

Improved Functionality for Easier Searches on Portfolios/Downloads 


The portfolio top page, downloads top page, and search functionality have now been fully revamped. Each artwork is now displayed with much larger images, and the site also displays information about creators who have updated their artworks.

Also, search results can now be sorted based on submission date, number of views (or downloads in case of downloads) or popularity.

>> See the Portfolios top page
>> See the Downloads top page

Please send us any feedback or questions you may have about this new web site update.