2016/06/17 UPDATE


Service 2016/06/17

Notification: Termination of blog service

We are going to terminate all functions of My Blog for Loftwork.com account holders at 15:00, Monday 31st October 2016.

After that, you will not be able to view, post, or edit articles on My Blog. Bloggers are encouraged to transfer and save their articles and data before then. You will still be able to use functions other than blogging, such as My Portfolio.

We are sorry for inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Services that will be terminated

  • My Blog
  • Creator’s Blog http://www.awrd.com/entries
  • 【Termination date: 15:00, Monday 31st October 2016】

    * After 15:00, Monday 31st October 2016, you will not be able to view blog or access blog management page.
    * We have already terminated the service for opening new blogs.

    Transferring your blog articles

    Loftwork.com’s blog service is associated with WordPress, therefore it will be easier to transfer your articles to WordPress.com or other blogs based on WordPress.

    Please follow the procedure below to transfer your data to another WordPress blog.

    Exporting your blog using xml format

    1. Login to awrd.com from a computer. Click My Blog, and then Dashboard from the icon on the top right.


    2. From the left side menu, click on Tools and then Export.


    3. Select the contents that you would like to export, and click on ‘Download an Export file’, in order to save your xml file on the computer.


    Importing xml files to WordPress

    For WordPress.com
    Go to Settings, then Import to upload and import your xml files.

    For other blogs based on WordPress

    1. Install an import tool.

    2. After you have installed a plugin and imported articles, tick [Download and import file attachments] on the screen that allows you to select owner of the article. This will enable you to import pictures attached to the article from media library

    ※If your WordPress does not allow you to install plugins, you cannot transfer picture data. If necessary, download pictures directly from the browser.

    Other information

    ※If you import xml files to a blog service other than WordPress.com, please ensure your pictures are transferred to the import destination rather than to awrd.com. The pictures that are shown with a URL starting with http://www.awrd.com/ will not be available after the termination of blog service.