2011/10/14 UPDATE


Competition 2011/10/14

Just launched ‘Roooots Redesign Project’

In Echigo-Tsumai, a Collaboration between Creative Designers and Local Specialty Products Manufacturers

October 12, with the sponsorship of the Oochi Arts Festival Committee (Niigata Prefecture, Tookamachi City, Tsunamachi), the Roooots local specialty redesign project 2012 was launched on awrd.com. (“Roooots” below)

Roooots is an experiment in revitalizing the local region through the arts. The program will encompass 13 local specialty products, including food, sake, light cotton kimonos, and other products, from Echigo-Tsumai in Niigata Prefecture. Designers will be recruited through an open competition of design proposals. The goal is sustainable regional vitality. The selected designs will be created as products in coordination with the Oochi Arts Festival, Echigo-Tsumai Triennial 2012, and will go on sale there to the general public.

This sustainable regional vitality project breathes new life into the small industry of mountain villages while also identifying and developing young creative talent.

The reading exparts of creation will judge works!

Roooots was held in Niigata Prefecture in 2009 and in Kagawa Prefecture in 2010. This year marks the third redesign project.

When Roooots opened at the Oochi Arts Festival in 2009, local specialty products introduced there experienced a record 10 to 20 – fold increase in sales. The participating creators also received an international-class design prize and gained an important opportunity for increased personal growth potential. In 2010, the Roooots organizing concept itself received a Good Design Prize (G Mark) as a new experiment.

The judges will be Mr. Taku Sato, art director, Mr. Flamu Kitagawa, Oochi Arts Festival Director General, and Chiaki Hayashi of loftwork. We are looking for new designs for the sake of the region.

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