2017/09/29 UPDATE


Service 2017/09/29

Notification: Loftwork.com to Take on a New Face in 2018


At its inception in 2000, Loftwork.com was initially intended as a community website for creators.

Loftwork.com has evolved together with the needs of creators and through various collaborations with overseas projects and regional art festivals. At the same time, Loftwork.com has continued to connect creators and the community in a dynamic manner.

At the start of 2018, which marks 18 years since its launch in 2000, Loftwork.com will be transformed from the current creative platform to include a brand-new service.

About the New Service

The new service is called AWRD.com.

AWRD.com will serve as a platform that connects creators and the community through an array of new fields such as personal fabrication, engineering, programming, fashion, architecture, social design, and biotechnology, in addition to the fields of art, crafts, design and illustration that it has supported to date.

As a creative award platform, Loftwork.com has served as a place for creators to polish their skills for new assignments and develop professionally. It has also offered workshops that provide learning opportunities, community events and unique experiences to build on one’s skill set. Also, by leveraging Loftwork.com’s existing portfolio function, AWRD.com will promote special feature contents shining the spotlight on some of the platform’s promising creators.

We hope you’re looking forward to the enhanced suite of creative services AWRD.com will offer users around the world.

We still have 4 months before the official rollout of AWRD.com, so we’ll continue to offer programs and contents on the Loftwork.com platform and we ask that you bear with us during the changeover process.

Thank you all for your continued support.
From the editorial team at Loftwork.com

About the changeover to the new service

Transfer of Accounts
If you currently have an account with Loftwork.com, then don’t worry! Your account will automatically be transferred over to the new AWRD.com platform from January 2018.
However, please note that some of the current functions and data are slated to be removed/deleted. We ask that all users confirm the changes below.

Functions/data that will continue to be available on AWRD.com:
・Portfolio function
・All the data of works posted on your My Portfolio page
・Information included in your profile (icons, text)
・Love It! numbers that you have received to date
・The number of views your works have received to date.

Functions/data that will be discontinued with the changeover to AWRD.com:
・The header image on your portfolio: this will disappear with the changeover to the new service.
・Portfolio theme option: this will change to a universal design with the new service.
・The messaging function and all messages exchanged to date.
・The follower function, followers and follower information


If you have any questions or feedback about the new service offering, please contact us using this inquiry form.