2013/10/29 UPDATE


Event 2013/10/29

Join us for the Fab Meetup Vol.1 – Share your idea, meet fab people –


FabCafe Tokyo is launching a new event called Fab MeetUp, which offers a chance to network and a stage to showcase creative ideas through presentations! 

Once a month at FabCafe, we will be holding MeetUp as a stage to showcase presentations and ideas and wind down over a relaxing drink with the diverse crowd at FabCafe who spring from all walks of life. At each event, 4 or 5 creators will make a short presentation related to the topic, “make”.

Everyone is welcome to join in the events, not only those who have been to FabCafe before but also first-timers or anyone who is interested in digital fabrication tools. If you have an idea of something you wish to make (it doesn’t have to be a tangible object!), feel free to share your idea at a MeetUp event. Once you get to talking, not only will you have a great time, but someone may provide you with a brilliant hint to help bring your idea to life!


We’d love to see you all there, especially if you:

・Are interested in design and making things,
・Have wanted to visit the FabCafe,
・Would like to meet new friends at the FabCafe,
・Would like to connect with creators from other countries in other languages,
・Want to be inspired by interesting presentations,
・Love the food at FabCafe,
・Enjoy doing work at FabCafe,
・Would love to digitally create something, but worried it’s too difficult,
・Would like to hold an event at or collaborate in some way with FabCafe.

Calling for Presenters!

Come and share your ideas and projects with everyone!
Feel free to show off what you made at FabCafe, or show us your design of something you would like to make and ask others to help you make it, or provide advice on your design. It doesn’t have to be made at FabCafe either! You can make a presentation about any of your FABULOUS projects! If you are interested in doing presentation, contact us.

Event information


November 7th, 2013(木)


FabCafe Tokyo 

Free (Buy 1drink at the counter )

How to apply:
Apply here