2012/12/18 UPDATE


Competition 2012/12/18

You Fab 2012 winners designs are available at FabCafe online store!

The results of the YouFab 2012 laser cutter design contest were announced in October. Hundreds of entries were solicited worldwide, and the winning designs of this hugely influential contest went on sale on FabCafe Deals, FabCafe’s newly opened online store, on December 13, 2012!

The four winning design from the MacFab section below are now on sale. FabCafe Deals sells designs sorted by download format, which can be reproduced anywhere in the world where the buyer has a laser cutter.

Grand Prize

Title: Ants!!

Price:2,500 JPY



Price:2,500 JPY


Title:Sa, shukaku shiyo (Harvest Time)


Title:green apple

Price:2,500 JPY

*The winning design, 360 degree book by Yusuke Oono is expected to be available in the early 2013.


About the FabCafe online store

• Name: FabCafe Deals
• URL: http://deals.fabcafe.com/
• Payment Method: PayPal

FabCafe actively collaborates with all its creators. Purchases are possible from anywhere in the world!