2013/03/07 UPDATE


Event 2013/03/07

Amazing 360-degree book is available at FabCafe online store!


Yusuke Oono’s 360°Book “snow white” is now on sale as data!

You Fab 2012” is a design contest for works using laser cutters, held last summer. Yusuke Oono’s <<360° Book snow white>>, which won a prize (Free Fab section), has finally been released for data sale on the FabCafe official online store “FabCafe Deals”. By purchasing and downloading the data, anyone can create the “360°Book snow white” anywhere, as long as there is a laser cutter.


The extremely delicate design, where three dimensions is born from two dimensions

The appeal of the <<360 °Book>> lies in the brand new way “three dimensions” is expressed. When the book is opened in a movement that draws an arc through 360°, a diorama world of “Snow White” appears. This is a piece of work that was born through the amalgamation of the precise cutting unique to digital engineering machinery, the cutting-edge idea of creating three dimensions from two dimensions, and the gentle, delicate design. By adding a message on the cover, it becomes as a perfect greeting card too.

Creator Oono is releasing a range of new versions of the “360°Book”

The “360°Book” became a hot topic, principally in overseas art media such as Fubiz  and design boom after the announcement that it had been awarded a prize. Having been covered not only in on the web by also in magazines and on TV, Yusuke received many queries from people wanting the book.

Yusuke is currently working energetically on new pieces.
There are already four pieces unveiled in Yusuke’s portfolio on Loftwork.com, so please have a look.

New titles are 『Sweet home』『In a cheese』 and 『Jungle book』.

360°Book In a Cheese

『In a cheese』

『Jungle Book』

『Sweet home』

●Title:360°book “snow white”
●Price:980 JPY (Data)
●URL http://deals.fabcafe.com/products/360-book-snow-white

●Creator: Yusuke OONO
Yusuke Oono is an architect/design-engineer working at noiz architects, an architectural design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei. He has worked on various projects including designing for landscape, interior, furniture, product, graphic and exhibition plannings. http://www.awrd.com/portfolios/oonoyusuke

●Blog report:How To Create The 360 Degree Panorama Book?