2012/08/21 UPDATE


Event 2012/08/21

August 25 – Etsy Tokyo Crafts Party 2012


This year, Tokyo Etsy’s annual craft party will be held at FabCafe, the digital fabrication cafe in Shibuya.
It’s a great chance to meet up with crafters from around the world!



Event name: Tokyo Craft Party

What: Enjoy craft projects, including sashiko tissue case with Saké Puppets, sunae with Naoshi, custom postcard frames with Flat Packables and a FABulous goldfish workshop by Harumi Sasaki.

Where: FabCafe

When: Saturday, August 25th (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

Fee : Admission is free.




Etsy sellers and FabCafe will be holding original workshops during the event.

Saké Puppets will teach how to make your own sashiko tissue case.

Naoshi will be teaching a sand painting (sunae) workshop.

Learn to make your one and only postcard frame with Flat Packables

Using an acrylic goldfish as the base, use colorful plastic sheets to design an arrangement and make your own original accessories at this workshop!