2012/08/03 UPDATE


Event 2012/08/03

10 Aug – SOMEN Party!!!

Watching HANABI, let’s have excellent noodle “SOMEN” made at Shodo-shima!

SOMEN are very thin–less than 1.3 mm in diameter–white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. The noodles are usually served cold. In the summer, sōmen chilled with ice is a popular meal to help stay cool.

At SOMEN party, we’ll offer “nagashi sōmen” (流しそうめん flowing noodles) at the party.
You place The noodles in a long flume of bamboo which carries clear, ice-cold water. As the sōmen pass by, you need to pluck them out with chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu. Catching the noodles requires a fair amount of dexterity.

Furthermore, we might watch fabulous HANABI(fire works) at Jingu from the party space.

Photo by 顔なし | CC-BY-SA

Loftwork SOMEN Party

Date: 10 Aug.2012 19:30−21:00
Place: loftwork ID (Dogenzaka Shibuya)>>Mab
Entrance: 1,000 yen (1beer + free SOMEN!)
>>Join it!